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Something Seems Off? Using Intuition To Discover And Heal Environmental Illness

Radio frequency microwave radiation [1], such as from cell phones, WIFI routers, and smart meters, is often associated with the development of Electrical Hypersensitivity, widely regarded as an environmental illness, which can also be caused by magnetic fields from power lines, transformers, and household wiring errors.

If you use a computer, game console, or cell phone, and notice that your skin starts to feel hot, your face or ears turn red, you get a headache, dry eyes, blurry vision, or you have numbness or tingling in your hands or arms, you may be experiencing symptoms of Electrical Hypersensitivity [2] (EHS.) It is caused by cumulative oxidative damage to your nervous system from electrical fields.

Electrical energy builds up in your body over time, so the more you are exposed to various electrical fields, the worse these symptoms can get.

I was heavily over-exposed to radio-frequency radiation at a job I once had, and it resulted in astonishing memory loss, insomnia, irritability, headaches, dry eyes, ear pain and heart arrythmias, which all went away after I figured out where it was coming from, and found ways to eliminate my exposure.

Exposition to EMFsTrust Your Intuition

It was my sense of inner knowing that helped me pinpoint the source of the problem at work, and ultimately led me to safety.

I believe each of us can avoid these types of problems, and have a safer, more trouble-free life, by becoming aware of, and trusting, our intuition.

Life gets better when we can “hear” our intuition, and courageously act upon its protective and loving guidance.

How many times have you sought the advice of others, before listening to yourself?

I went to see a doctor one time, and the receptionist handed me a wireless tablet to check in on. I can laugh about it now, but I didn’t think it was funny at the time. Instantly, I knew these people were not going to help at all.

Yes, I threw that money away. (But I told that doctor as much as I could about what I had learned about EHS before I left his office.)

He diagnosed me as pre-diabetic because my blood sugar was high. Further testing revealed I am not pre-diabetic, however, using wireless devices does cause my blood sugar to rise. For more information on EMFs and diabetes click here [3].

Many people say Epsom salt baths are a good way to detox. In my case, Epsom salt baths made my condition worse. I still cannot tolerate them very well.

I do not know why Epsom salt baths exacerbate my EHS symptoms, but as long as I pay attention to how my body is feeling, I don’t take them, and I’m fine.

When I was at my EHS worst, a friend offered some cannabis to help me sleep. Normally, cannabis would be a great sleep aid for me. But it did not improve my horrible, EHS-induced insomnia. At that point, it was an additional stressor that only made me feel worse.

Actually the only advice that helped my predicament at all, came from my own inner knowing. My intuition. It said, “Get out of here.”

Just about everyone with EHS symptoms will experience some relief when they get away from whatever is causing the sensitivity.

I was seriously over-exposed in the computer-area at my work, and I was also having a problem at home. I recognized that I was having a problem at work, yet the fear of losing my income kept me coming back for more and more torture. And it was only after I pinpointed the problem at work that I realized I was also having a problem at home.

It took months of pain and suffering before I eventually quit the job and moved house. My body had been telling me all along that I needed a change, but things had to get really unpleasant before I acted on it. Making those difficult changes ended up being so rewarding, because I was able to heal my EHS. And you can heal yours, too.

Becoming Aware of How EMFs Affect You

Electrical Hypersensitivity is starting to become a more well-known condition, as more people are recognizing the symptoms, and speaking out about the ways electromagnetic fields (EMFs) has affected their health and well-being.

Due to each individual’s unique body and living environment, different people will react differently to the various electromagnetic fields that fill our lives today.

What works to heal one person, may not help another person at all. But your intuition knows what you need to do.

Once you are aware of the unhealthy effects of EMFs on your body, it is much easier to find the courage to change how you are living. Initiating change is always rewarding in the sense that you will gain wisdom from each new experience.

Think of the saying: “Your wound is your gift.”

My experience with EMFs impacted the people who were close to me, and we all learned a lot because of it.

Today, people everywhere must learn about the dangers of dirty electricity [4], cell phones, WIFI routers, smart meters and similar devices, if we are to live a long, happy, healthy life.

Learning to trust and follow my intuition has taught me when you do what is right for you, it is often going to be what is right for the other people in your life, too.

Don’t let fear and what-ifs keep you from making the changes you need to make in your life.

The Best Ways To Access Your Intuition

Some people say that you can access your intuition by meditating on a problem or question before you go to bed.

That’s not very helpful if your EHS keeps you lying awake in bed all night, or if you wake up with an excruciating migraine.

A more useful approach, to me, has been spending time in nature. Walking gets the energy moving through your body, and sitting on the ground really is, well, grounding.

Even before I quit my job and moved, I was able to get some relief by sitting on the ground next to a stream and sometimes, putting my bare feet in the natural running water.

During those quiet moments, my intuition was more accessible. I began to formulate new ideas. The beauty of nature gave me hope, and hope gave me strength.

Trust your intuition EMFs

It is possible to strengthen your intuition with exercises, such as asking yourself “what time is it?” or simply making the effort to consciously “check-in” with yourself and see how you are feeling at certain times throughout the day.

Tuning In To Your Inner Environment

I ended up quitting my job and relocating my home, but I still didn’t get better right away.

Gradually, I became aware that it wasn’t just my outer environment that needed to change. All that stress and insomnia had my inner environment in turmoil, too.

When I was younger, I read a lot of books by Dr. Bernard Jensen, who taught me that “death begins in the colon,” and “the more you know, the more alone you go.” Both of these tidbits of wisdom turned out to be helpful in healing my electromagnetic-hypersensitivity.

I was aware that cleaning the colon allows other organs in the body to function better, so I decided to focus on colon cleansing.

I remembered achieving amazing results in the past using Super Lax by Grandma’s Herbs and Vit-Ra-Tox No. 19 Intestinal Cleanser mixed with apple juice. I had Grandma’s Herbs and Vit-Ra-Tox on hand, but no apple juice.

It was my intuition that suggested using the Emergen-C super orange drink mix which was in the cupboard. I mixed a packet of Emergen-C with 10 ounces of water, added a spoonful of Vit-Ra-Tox No. 19 Intestinal Cleanser, whipped it up with a fork, and gulped it down, chasing it with enough pure water to rinse the glass clean.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Emergen-C was more effective than apple juice for counteracting the oxidative stress I was suffering from, and the mixture worked extremely well.

My friend said it probably wasn’t healthy to be drinking so much of that Emergen-C stuff, yet each glass made me feel better, so I was listening to my body now. And the more junk I was able to remove from my colon, the better I began to feel.

Can Electrical-Hypersensitivity Be Cured?

More and more people now agree that environmental illness, even those as challenging as electrical-hypersensitivity, can be reversed.

Simply switching from a wireless keyboard or wireless mouse to a wired keyboard or wired mouse may solve one person’s tingling hands, while another person, who has accumulated a great deal more body voltage, may need to relocate somewhere else for time, to allow their body a chance to repair itself.

Finding ways to ground [5] will help reduce your overall body voltage and allow you to access your intuition more easily.

Enhanced nutrition, stress-relief, and grounding are the three most important elements of healing EHS. The extent of relief will vary depending on each person and the extent of their exposure.

Many thanks to Jennifer Titus for this guest post.

Jennifer Titus EMFs
Jennifer Titus

Author Bio: Healing EHS is a very personal journey. That is not to say that others won’t try to help, or that you won’t seek counsel. But in order to heal you, you must listen to your body, and the guidance of your intuition. Whatever you need, be assured that your body already knows. Friends, family, and doctors will all tell you what to do, but to do the right thing, you must check with your intuition. Find the answers you seek inside yourself!