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Hacking The Wellbeing Code – Through Energetic Intelligence

As a child growing up in France, Martine was raised, more or less, in an organic garden.

So early in life, she was exposed to very high quality food and a high quality environment.

She became aware that she could decide what energy she would resonate with.

She spent a lot of time with her grandparents, her grandmother, for instance, was always worrying about everything.

That didn’t appeal to Martine.

Her grandfather had the opposite energy, like, “everything will be fine, don’t worry. Just move with it.”

Early on, she selected that kind of approach, trusting the universe.

She used to read a lot of books on Chinese philosophy and Tibetan things.

“It’s like my brain was Chinese, my mind was Chinese.”

So when she left France and moved to Australia and was exposed to acupuncture [1] and Chinese medicine, it was no surprise that she decided, “this is what I’m going to do.” ​

Martine studied mind-body approaches to health like psychoneuroimmunology and neurolinguistic programming and imagery work and chakras and all sorts of things to help her understand how the mind and the body work together.

She realized very early in her practice that, “Chinese medicine has this amazing equation about consciousness, energy, matter, how they are all related, the same substance but in different vibrations, and consciousness or subconsciousness is actually running the show”.

Today, Martine’s work is about energetically moving the mind-body connection and helping people reset their internal energy field to make it more conducive to health.

And also, in the process, understand the hidden message behind the symptom and help people reconnect with their core self.

If you have WiFi in your environment [2], Martine recommends that you replace this with a hardwired connection, which is a much safer kind of energy—no surprise there.

Martine says, “what I realized is if you clear someone’s WiFi or worry or anxiety, whatever is distorting the field of energy, then you help them reconnect with their core, authentic self and that’s just like plugging the cable in.”

Martine’s mantra is to trust nature and trust the body.

Because the body gives you feedback all the time.

If you’re hungry, you have a sense in your stomach. You know your body wants food.

If you eat a lot, you know it’s full. You have constant feedback.

The challenge is when the feedback is unusual, like it’s a symptom, “people don’t realize it’s still a feedback. They think there’s something wrong with the body and try to suppress or deny the symptom. So they don’t get the message”. ​

Martine’s philosophy is that when you don’t get the message when you go away from balance, then the body will keep sending more feedback.

If you keep suppressing that, then eventually it could develop into a chronic disease.

Martine says, “the ultimate way is to ​stay aware of the body and that is why I wrote the book Hacking The Wellbeing Code”.

Interview—Hacking the Wellbeing Code

Thursday, 15th August at 12 noon EST (9 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m interviewing author Martine Negro.

hacking the wellbeing codeMartine Negro [3] has spent over 30 years practicing Oriental “Mind Body Health”, and has helped thousands of students understand the energetic dynamics of the human system. She’s co-founder, of the Diploma of Energetic Healing at Nature Care College, co-initiator and life member of The International Energetic Healing Association, and president of The Dowsers Society of New South Wales.

Martine Negro is the author of “Hacking the Wellbeing Code through Energetic Intelligence” which is a book which “guides you to actively craft your wellbeing, and gives, practical, simple, and easily applicable approaches to return to wellness through energetic intelligence.”

Listen to my interview with Martine Negro and discover:

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