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Ashok Gupta

11-Minute Excerpted Video Interview

Listen to my interview with Ashok Gupta, and discover:

  • It’s not in your head – understanding your body’s protection mechanism and why you get symptoms 
  • Why 10% exposure to EMFs, which previously you would have never reacted to, can create 100% response 
  • Did you know you share 50% of your DNA with a banana? The step-by-step evolution process and what it’s got to do with your sensitivities 
  • Mastering your energy. Here’s how you can go through disturbances (threats) with less impact on your health 
  • 2 structures in your head that are constantly talking to each other and deciding what's the appropriate thing to do to ensure survival 
  • How the Gupta program is helping people overcome their sensitivities (sometimes in a matter of days) 
  • The 7-step process that uses unconscious signals on the periphery of consciousness to retrain your brain – based on NLP 
  • How you can try the Gupta Program for 28 days for completely free

What People Are Saying About The Gupta Program


I had EHS for over 15 years, and it got worse and worse. I spent about £20,000 on private doctors and alternative health, including some very wacky things… At my worst, I could not watch TV, could not use a computer, even a laptop on the battery function, could not be near certain lights, so going out was difficult, and could not talk on a mobile phone for more than a few seconds.
Then one day I heard the Gupta Programme mentioned on one of my EHS forums. A lady said that her boyfriend had been cured of EHS by using the technique. I did some research and realised I had nothing to lose, as there is a money-back guarantee….I managed to watch the DVDs on the days I was not so bad (using a projector and sitting very far away), and although it took me a long time to watch them all, I put the techniques into practice. Immediately I began to feel a little better, and over the next six months I showed huge improvement….

I am now nearly normal again!

Thank you thank you thank you to wonderful Ashok.

~ Penny – Cornwall, UK


My wife found Ashok Gupta’s program. I bought it and didn’t think it would work. It sat on my desk for over a year until I was SO desperate that I would try anything! So, I tried it… within 2 weeks 50% of my issues resolved. Then they started to cascade and disappear. I was shocked and amazed. Within 6 months I had my life back. It turned my life AROUND! I am CURED of my ills. It saved my life.

~ PG

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The FM5 meter measures in micro watts per meter squared and sensitivity is down to 1 micro watt per meter squared.

Lower frequency module frequency range 1 MHz to 10 Ghz
Low freq. sensitivity 1uW/m2 to >100k uW/m2
High frequency range 24 GHz to 32 Ghz.
High freq. sensitivity 30uW/m2 to >100k uW/m2.
Audio range 40Hz to 16kHz.
Power draw approx. 50mA on low freq. module.
Approx. 200mA on high freq. module.
Power source: 9V battery, battery life is dependent on battery quality but more so which module you use; the mm wave module is 400% more battery hungry than the low frequency module.

We currently do not have the exact specs on accuracy but it should be comparable with other RF meters on the market between +\- 3dB to +/- 8dB. I realize that is quite a range but until we know specifics from the manufacturer we can't really confirm that info yet. We have asked the manufacturer about specifics and are waiting on lab testing. We will update the website when we have more information.

The meter has two test settings. One is 40 MHz-10GHz and the other is 24GHz-32GHz. Future antenna upgrades are going to be available and they are already working on a 38-42 GHz range and a 60GHz antenna based on what technology is being rolled out and what the need is to test various frequency ranges. When future antenna upgrades are released the meter can be sent to the manufacturer for a different antenna frequency range upgrade

The retail price of the FM5 meter is $999.99 and with the code ELECTRICSENSE50, you receive $50 off. We are taking pre-orders for this new meter that will be arriving sometime in September, and the first 50 people that order get free world-wide shipping.
Please take the time to read the information about the meter. There are many different meters that measure various types of EMFs, so this may or may not fit your needs.

I’d really love to own the meter from the video… As I have been scammed in the past, I don't use Paypal or other card processors, can you process my VISA card directly for the full amount with the $50 discount using code electricsense50?
The FM5 meter only measures wireless frequencies. You would need a different type of meter to measure dirty electricity. We recommend the 2 different meters below to test dirty electricity. Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter- Inexpensive meter for measuring dirty electricity. Has a different frequency range than the Line EMI meter. Ideally you should use both or the picture is incomplete about what's going on with the dirty electricity in the home. Line EMI meter- Has a sound function. Picks up a different frequency range than the Stetzerizer. Should be used in addition to the Stetzerizer to get a complete picture of the DE situation in the home.
The meter can give peace of mind and help change habits to lower your exposure levels. Often there are places that are worse (or places where you might feel worse and suspect various frequency exposures.) Testing is the only reliable way to determine what actions can help. Additionally, much comes from devices in the home and more devices will use these frequencies in the future. The meter helps to determine what you can do about what you can control and also to change habits to avoid extreme exposures in situations that are more difficult to avoid.
The lower frequency range from 1MHz to 10GHz can be used for detecting WiFi which is in the 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequency bands. Bluetooth operates at 2.4GHz. Many of the 3G, 4G and even 5G network frequencies are found in this lower frequency range. T-Mobile has been using frequency bands in the 600-700MHz range for their 5G networks. Verizon uses a 700MHz band in this range. Verizon has recently acquired additional “mid-band” frequencies between 1GHz to 7GHz. The meter's high frequency range of 24GHz to 32GHz can be used to detect millimeter waves, such as T-Mobile's Band n258 which operates at 24GHz and Band n261 which operates at 28GHz. Verizon holds the majority of licenses in the 27.5-28.35GHz range. Satellite services like Starlink, will be using a variety of frequency bands as well. The meter has two test settings. One is 40MHz-10GHz and the other is 24GHz-32GHz. Future antenna upgrades are going to be available and they are already working on a 38-42 GHz range and a 60GHz antenna based on what technology is being rolled out and what the need is to test various frequency ranges.

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