Guest Post Guidelines

Do you have a well researched article on some aspect of EMFs and health that would interest the readers of ElectricSense? Or a personal story you would like to share?

I am now accepting guest posts.

Guest Posting Guidelines

ElectricSense has a strong following but if you're just sending me an irrelevant article for SEO it won't work. The article must address my readers interests – it must be written with their needs at heart.

Here are some basic guidelines you need to follow:

* The post must address my readers interests – I'm repeating this point because it needs repeating!

* The post must be minimum 2000 words long

* The post must be 100% original and not published anywhere else

* The post should include links to studies – my readers like to read about science and research

* The post must be checked for spelling and grammar

* The post should include a headline and sub-headlines

* The post should include bulleted text where possible to improve readability

* The post should include your Bio (2 or 3 lines)

* The post should include your headshot

* The post should not include any affiliate links

* One link is allowed back to your website

You don't have to share my views but if you want me to publish your article be authentic. People come to this website to learn about EMFs and health – please keep that in mind when submitting your article.


If you still have any questions about guest posting. Contact me with the Subject as “Guest Post”. If you would like to share an article published on ElectricSense click here.