EMF Interview With Christine Rosche

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Christine Rosche

11-Minute Excerpted Video Interview

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Listen to my interview with Board Certified Nutrition Specialist Christine Rosche and discover:

  • What your microbiome is, and why it’s CRITICAL for your body’s immunity 
  • How EMF exposures can impact your gut microbiome and disrupt your organs, but also create oxidative stress and free radicals – the double whammy 
  • 7 things you can do to promote healthy microbes in your gut – which can enhance your body’s ability to fight bacteria, fungi and vy-ruses 
  • A comprehensive test to help you achieve the pathogenic balance for optimal gut health – this can give up to 80% reduction in symptoms 
  • How your skin issues (acne, eczema, etc.) may be linked to EMF exposure, and what you can do to promote your skin’s health 
  • How by applying the practical and easy, very simple steps in Christine’s program you can build a lifetime of health, vitality and resilience.
  • An inexpensive supplement which when taken three times a day can protect you from the current v-yrus (it interferes with its ability to attach to human cells)

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*Special Offer Expires Sunday 6th March Midnight PT

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