EMF Health Quiz

The different sources of EMFs that your body is being subjected to all add up, cell phone, WiFi, cordless phone, cell phone tower etc. It’s the cumulative exposures that count. To determine your level of exposure and evaluate your risks here’s a short questionnaire (count your yeses as you are doing this and give yourself one point for each yes in Part 1):

Your Exposure To Cell Phone Radiation

1. Do you press your cell phone against your head while talking?
2. Do you talk for 2 hours or more per day on your cell phone?
3. Do you carry your cell phone on your person when it’s switched on (i.e. in standby mode) for most of the day?
4. Do you talk on a cell phone in your car?
5. Do you keep your cell phone close to your bed at night?
6. Do you use Bluetooth wireless?
7. Do you use your cell phone when the signal strength indicator is low?
8. Do you use your cell phone for streaming more than 2 hours per day?

Your Exposure To Computer Radiation

1. Do you use a computer for more than 4 hours per day?
2. Does your computer have the WiFi function enabled? (this is harmful even if you connect to the internet on a cable)
3. In your place of work are you within 6 foot of other computers?
4. Do you use a laptop rather than a desktop model?
5. Do you use a laptop primarily on the mains power supply?
6. Do you use a laptop, tablet or smart phone type device on your lap?
7. Do you use a wireless modem router?
8. Do you sit within 6 foot of your wireless router?

Your Exposure In The Home

1. Do you remain near your microwave oven when it’s on?
2. Have you had your microwave oven tested recently for leaks? (even new microwave ovens leak!)
3. Is your home protected by a wireless burglar alarm?
4. Do you have a DECT cordless phone in your house?
5. Do you have a cordless phone next to your bed?
6. Do you have WiFi installed in your home?
7. Do you or your children use wireless video gaming software like the Xbox360 or the Playstation?
8. Do you have a wireless music system installed in your home?

Exposure In Your Environment

1. Is your home within 400m, in a direct line with no obstacles, of a cell phone tower?
2. Is your home within 50m of a power line?
3. Are you surrounded by other homes with WiFi installed?
4. Is your home equipped with a smart meter to measure your electricity consumption?
Now work out your score of yeses for part 1. If there are questions where you are not sure how to answer, count these as zeros. Make a note of your total so far.

Your Present Circumstances – Part 2

Now answer the following questions:
1. You are concerned about EMFs but currently experience no attributable symptoms to these exposures – add zero
2. You experience some small symptoms – add five points.
3. You are experiencing severe symptoms around EMF devices – add fifteen points

Now add your points together from part 1 and part 2.

How Did You Score?

You scored between 6 and 10 points.

You're doing well. Your total EMF load is not particularly high but you need to remain vigilant.  Click here to receive my tips and learn how to continue on this path.

You scored between 11 and 20 points.

Although EMF exposures currently appear to have little impact on your health there are some simple steps you can and should take to improve your situation and reduce your risks. Click here for my recommended course of action.

You scored over 20 points.

Your total EMF load is not insignificant and your health is reflecting this. I was in a similar situation to you in 2002 when I first started to react to my cell phone – there was little information on how to deal with my symptoms, fortunately things have improved since then. I don't believe in scaremongering but there is no time to waste. Click here to take action now.