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Comparing RF Radiation From Different Sources

RF radiation (radiofrequency radiation [1]) is not the easiest of subjects to get your head round at the best of times.

But when you’re suffering from the debilitating consequences of EMF exposure (electrosensitivity) and you are looking for answers, fast, then it can be frustrating.

Today I want to share with you my reply to one of my readers who is trying to get to grips with RF radiation exposure. Here is his question:

Dear Lloyd, thanks for addressing my [last] [2] question. Just watched the video The Dark Side of Smart Meters [3] very scary stuff.

Lloyd, they say that “pain is a great motivator”. And well I feel like crap all the time. I feel fatigued, depressed, headaches.

So I search and search for and answer. I try to eliminate all toxins, I quit smoking, taking prescription meds. I been try to eat health foods. Still nothing works.

So I can only guess is it the mercury dental fillings I’ve had in my mouth for the last 30 years, or is it the Aspartamine, or Fukashima? I know what it is .. it all this stuff. It’s the cell phone tower thats 300 yards from my house. It’s the Americium-241 in my Fire Dectector.

I mean I could go on all day listing the stuff that killing us in this day and age.

My friends are getting tired of hearing about me talking about toxins and electromatic radiation. They say ” Can’t you just sit back and enjoy life?”

The answer is no. As long as I feel like crap I can’t enjoy life. So what can I do? Start fighting for my life.

Lloyd, if you wont take the time to make a list ( a list ) with meter reading levels. I’m going to some day soon. And I will send you a copy.

Question, If I buy a trifield emf detector for 127$ U.S. will it also detect the nuclear radiation such as that found in smoke detectors. P.S. Americium-241 is right next to Plutonium-239 so would the AMericium decay into Plutonium? The most deadly toxin substance known to mankind?

Sorry for any typing mistake but I have a headache and i can’t sit to close to my old style computer moniter with out really getting sick.

And here is my reply…

Hi Chris

Yes they do say “pain is a great motivator” and they also say “what does not kill you makes you stronger” I can identify closely with both these ideas. I became electrically sensitive in 2002, I don’t like to dwell on it much but I do know about pain and suffering, I felt it for every minute, every second of every hour of my day for the best part of 5 years.

Also, when you say “I search and search for an answer. I try to eliminate all toxins, I quit smoking, taking prescription meds. I been try to eat health foods. Still nothing works.”

It might seem as though nothing works, in that you do not feel better, but I can assure you things are working, your body is in a state of crisis, its trying to get out of that crisis….

And yes, your mercury dental fillings (I have mine still), Fukushima, Aspartamine, that cell tower etc etc its very likely that all these things have their part to play in how you are feeling. But lets take it one step at a time. Clearly you are reacting to the EMFs in your environment, you need to do something about it.

“So what can I do? Start fighting for my life.” I prefer not to see this as a fight where there is a winner and a lose, its more a path you take to try and bring more harmony into your life.

You asked me about getting some RF readings. You remember I explained to you in your previous question [2] to me that readings are not as black and white as they may seem.

Accuracy of RF Readings

You see, to get “reliable” results you really need professional equipment and then it helps if you are an electrical engineer, to be able to interpret them. Whereas I use pretty basic equipment. There is a reason I do this, there are several actually, but the main one is I use equipment which anyone can use. The objective is not to get the most accurate readings possible, its to get sufficiently accurate readings in a given environment with a given meter to be able to make decisions about where EMF protection and mitigation is needed most.

I know these readings are sometimes inaccurate. But I also know what an eye opening exercise it is to be able to gain an understanding of what these exposures are. Its about taking action and a meter will enable you to do this.

Second is the problem of general electrosmog. Its difficult to tell the strength of the signal, or field density with RF radiation, in a given location from any one source because there are so many sources contributing. Electrical engineers use a spectrum analyzer to identify different RF sources. Your main concern is the RF radiation levels in a given place. An RF meter will tell you this, a spectrum analyzer would be overkill.

Some Typical RF Readings

Despite my reservations about giving misleading readings, I did not want to disappoint Chris. So here are some RF readings in volts per meter you might get at 1 meter from the source:

DECT phone 3 V/m

Cell phone 4 V/m

WiFi 2 V/m

Cell towers are more complicated still. Different cell towers give off different levels of radiation depending how many antennas they are equipped with. And even the same cell phone tower can give different readings at different times of the day as more channels are used to enable communications during peak periods. But for a cell tower with multiple carriers you could expect to get readings of 1-2 V/m or more at 500m distance.

Can Nuclear Radiation be measured With An EMF Meter?

No. I am no specialist on nuclear radiation but I do know it is much higher up the EMF spectrum, so a Trifield meter [4] or even an RF meter will not give you any readings for this type of radiation.

What To Do With These RF Readings

First thing is, you do need your own readings. They can vary hugely, not just cell tower radiation (as explained above), but the other devices also. One brand of DECT phone may emit 50% more or less radiation than another brand.

Secondly its not the RF levels that are important its your exposure to them. How close are you to the cell tower? That’s to say distance from the source. And also duration of exposure. In the above example the cell phone looks the worst culprit but if you are an infrequent cell phone user then cell phones are less of a problem.

And then lets not forget that there is more to electromagnetic fields than just RF readings. For an overview of EMF sources in your home see here [5]. RF readings and EMF readings generally are just the starting point you then need to act on this information, reduce your exposure and look at the bigger picture [6] in terms of your health….