The Power Of Mind, Body & Breath

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Jane Hogan
Jane Hogan

9-Minute Excerpted Video Interview

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Listen to my interview with Jane Hogan and discover:

  • What breathwork is: why you need to breathe in a certain way and the many health benefits that can accrue  
  • How Jane got very sick but, curled up in pain, heard this voice (I kid you not!) that got her back in the saddle
  • How the mind, body, and breath can all work together to reduce pain and inflammation – the science 
  • How EMFs and other toxins can create a perfect storm leading to many chronic health conditions 
  • Breathing is the #1 detox pathway in your body – it’s a sort of natural cellular/bacterial off-gassing process
  • How to find a breathwork practice that works for YOU – without creating overwhelm and negative thinking about what you should be doing
  • How to deal with the “I can’t think. My mind’s racing all the time” scenario
  • Jane’s powerful 6 minute guided breathing exercise – we do it together on the call

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