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Body Electric – Pathways To Inspire Healing

Dr. Christine grew up in a family of health care practitioners.

She would help out her father, an oncologist, at the office when she was in high school.

But she began to see in him a frustration over the years.

He had been conventionally trained to use chemotherapy and radiation, but these medicine modalities have limits.

He was in a system that really confined him.

Seeing her parent’s experiences, had a really strong impression on her and she got curious.

I was always really curious about spirituality and the mind-body connection.”

She decided to make her own path in medicine by specializing in naturopathy. 

Her guiding principle that, ‘the body is innately wise and there is this – we call this in naturopathic medicine – the vital force.’

Dr. Christine’s work revolves largely around removing the stressors on the body by implementing lifestyle changes and therapies that work on drainage and detoxification to help alleviate the load.

She now specializes in helping people that are chronically ill and has been working for a number of years with people suffering from EMF sensitivity [1].

“A lot of my patients, who I call the canaries in the coal mine, have a physical sensation of these assaults, especially EMFs. That can be anything from brain fog, insomnia [2], fatigue, anxiety, it can lower the immune functions…”

Dr. Christine’s work focuses on the electrical nature of the body [3] and she has created a protocol to help people avoid or minimize EMF exposure [4] in the backdrop of doing everything else.

Interview – Body Electric: Pathways To Inspire Healing

Thursday, 28 January at 12 noon ET (9 AM PT or 5 PM GMT)  I’m interviewing Dr. Christine Schaffner [5].

Growing up in a family of healthcare practitioners after graduating from Bastyr University as a board-certified naturopathic doctor, Dr. Christine chose to make her mark in a powerful and unique way, focusing on biological medicine, a modality that supports the patient’s own innate ability to heal rather than interrupting the physiology with medication and other prescriptive, symptom-based protocols.

With her widely diverse skill set, Dr. Christine combines both naturopathic functional and conventional therapies to develop individualized treatment plans, focusing on the underlying cause of complex chronic illness.

Her latest FREE event the Body Electric Summit 2 [6] explores both ancient and new technological pathways to inspire healing, immunity and vibrancy.

Listen to my interview with Dr. Christine and discover:

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