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Your Cell Phone’s Been Nuking Your Johnson – Song

Cell phone radiation is no joke.

But humor is a great way to get a message over sometimes. Here’s a video which does just that on the subject of cell phone radiation and erectile function:


“This has never ever happened before and you’re wondering what to do
You’ve said you’re sorry ‘bout a hundred times and she just keeps on staring at you
‘cause you’re 30 something – you’re not drunk
Not taking any pharmaceutical drugs
And she’s a smoking hot – you’re both buck naked but your Willie’s limper than a wet blanket

You didn’t know – how could you know – your cell phone’s been nuking your Johnson
Every minute that it’s on and in your pants pocket
It’s blasting radiation at your love rocket
Your lady said if you’d just read the manual you’d know that your phone could even make you sterile
Your cell’s been nuking your Johnson – ain’t that a kick in the head

They used to say cell phones gave you cancer but that was like 15 years ago
You’ve heard some rumors about brain tumors but your cell phone company says it ain’t so
Once in a while you get a lecture from your mom
Blah-blah-blah something said by Dr. Oz
It wasn’t nothing ‘bout roasting your nuts – flamboying your boys – cooking your junk


Erectile Dysfunction – how can this be?
You ain’t nothing like those old men on TV
It all feels like a really bad dream and
Your lady ain’t happy at all but”

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