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Wounded By Wireless Smart Meters – More People Are Succombing To The Effects

As you know, smart meters [1] are creating a lot of controversy. Just think about it, some utility company employee turns up on your doorstep rips out your nice safe utility meter and installs one which beams microwave radiation into your home 24/7. And there is basically nothing you can do about it.

In today’s post I would like to share with you the stories of 3 people whose lives have been turned completely upside down by the installation of these smart meters in their homes and neighborhoods. These 3 people are:

David Wientjes, who works in commercial real estate, lives in San Anselmo, CA

Sandi Aders, who has a paralegal background and now lives in San Clemente, CA

Sarah Riley, from Fairfax, CA

You will notice that these are real people. You will notice that they are educated, articulate, working men and women, of various ages. You will also notice that they are normal. These people are not whackos. What is happening to them could happen to you.

Even I can only imagine what they are going through, because although I am electrosensitive I was able to control my environment and get better. For these people there is no escaping the smart meter EMFs……

Joshua Hart:  Since we set up our website, www.stopsmartmeters.org, and there’s a lot of media coverage; we’ve been hearing from people from all over the state who are experiencing very similar symptoms, and been telling us their stories independently.  And we thought today we’d give the public and the media opportunity to hear from some of these people.

We’re not saying that smart meters definitely cause health impacts, but enough evidence, including the peer review science we heard upstairs, testimonials, and many experts are saying that it’s very likely. So, I’d just like to introduce three people who have been hurt been hurt by electromagnetic fields and let them tell their stories.

David Wientjes:  Hello, my name is David Wientjes.  My wife Barbara and I have been electrically sensitive for over a decade.  The first symptoms started about 1998.  We were living about half a block from the police station in San Anselmo.  Over the time we’d been living there, they’d put up about eight transmitters on the roof of the building.  And, my wife’s health started to decline rapidly and we couldn’t figure out what was going on.  It wasn’t until Libby Kelly, who spoke at this conference, recommended that we talk to an electrical engineer.  He took a spectrum analyzer and it was determined that we were in the first bounce of the towers on the police station.  We were also in an old house, we had old wiring, and we were also about a block away from the cell phone towers on the bank on San Anselmo Avenue, which is a commercial section.

The first symptoms we experienced were a slight ringing in the ear, pressure in the head.  Then it became worse.  We started to sleep poorly, we were suffering from nosebleeds and all the symptoms you read about with electrical sensitivity.  But, the worst symptom of all was lack of sleep, and we would be woken up at 3 in the morning with severe ringing in the ear.  And, we would have to get into our car and drive away out of the field just to find some sleep.

So, I work in commercial real estate, I work downtown.  I’m in the fields all the time, but what I need is a sanctuary, and the sanctuary is my home.  It’s a sanctuary where I can sleep.  Where my wife and I can sleep so we can heal.

Why I’m really coming out aggressively against this, especially with smart meters, is that they’re going to put a wireless device on our house.  Our house is our sanctuary; it’s the only place where we can get away from the fields, so that’s why we’re absolutely against it.  We want to come out and let the public know this is a health issue and is affecting us personally in our lives.

Sandi Aders:  I was just informed a few weeks ago, through my own investigation, that San Clemente is going to be receiving its smart meters, or deploying its smart meters, in January 2011, and hope to complete their task by Mark or April.  San Diego County, as you probably know, has already received about 1,300,000 meters.

I fled Idaho because I was harmed tremendously.  I’m altered for life, I don’t think I’ll ever be the same.  I’ve studied and studied for the last 21 months to try to figure out what happened to me and my husband.  The utility companies weren’t helpful, they dodged the issue, they hid the report from us, they refused to give it to us.  As well as the other utility companies, the sheriffs in Idaho laughed at us.  On top of that, while this was happening, our house was shot into by our neighbors.  And so we couldn’t discern, where’s this effect coming from? Is it from our neighbors trying to run us off, what is this?

It wasn’t until I reads Josh’s website that I started putting 2 and 2 together and started looking through all my data that I’d gathered.  My background is a paralegal, so I love to collect information and document it, because I knew that my only way to bring the truth to light.  I was looking through my videos and I remembered that we had started taking video of our electric box, trying to figure out where this was and using certain kind of equipment, and we were picking up a Morse code type, teletype signal.And when I froze it, I recognized that I was looking at a smart meter.  And I said, “That’s it!”  And I cried and I got on my knees and I said, “Thank you, God, thank you, God.  I’d been searching for the answer what happened to me.”

And when I found out that San Clemente is going to try to do the same thing to me again, I said, “I need to take action.”

My symptoms are horrible.  I hate to put them out there because I haven’t filed a claim with the Vista, but I can tell you some typical symptoms that other people have, too.  There’s the insomnia, there’s the burns, the rashes on your face, the tinnitus in your ears that never stops – you wake up with it, you go to sleep with it, if you can.  There’s the heart palpitations and the crushing of the chest…there’s diarrhea…there’s electric shocks in your body that just randomly come.  My biggest torment, besides losing my ability to articulate, to find my words and communicate with people, is that I’ve lost my ability to work in an office.  I’m a paralegal; I cannot be around all the equipment that’s in offices these days.  I don’t find too many sympathetic employers – I have people look at me and think I’m ridiculous.

What am I supposed to do?  I have a home I can’t live in, I have a career I can’t use.  All I can do is take this information and say, “Don’t let this happen to you, your family, or your children.”

This is a horrible nightmare; you just sit there, you vibrate.  I can’t walk past a cell phone without my ears swelling up and getting tones in them so bad.  Every safe place I find to go and rest, all of a sudden, in a short period of time, will have an antenna or some other kind of strong electromagnetic device that harms me.  I have nowhere to go.  All I can do is tell people we have to fight this.

It’s not something that every community in the United States is going to…they will not be able to handle the consequences…the health ramifications.  Landlords will lose their tenants, they’ll flee; how are they going to pay that mortgage?  Homeowners will leave their homes; how are they going to pay that mortgage?  People will stop wanting to go to certain cities; how are they going to conduct business/

This is horrible.  I’m not saying everyone’s going to have the same effect, and most dramatic effects as I’ve had, but I know that children are very susceptible.  Radiation enters their brains so much easier than adults.  It passes through their skull.  Children are developing, you don’t want to interfere with it.

This stuff is evil, that’s all I can say, it’s evil.  The only people benefiting from it are the utility companies and the medical industry.  That’s all I can fathom from my small, humble opinion.  This really serves no other purpose than to line the pockets of the utility companies and the medical industry.  Thank you.

Joshua Hart:  Thank you, Sandy, for being brave enough to share your story, we really appreciate it.  And, I wanted to clarify, just for the record, that it’s your belief…that you weren’t suffering any symptoms of electro-hypersensitivity prior to this smart meter being installed on your house in Idaho.

Sandi Aders:  That’s right.  I didn’t have any health concerns other than minor allergies to dust.  I was healthy, and now I’m not.  And I’m really afraid to find out what kind of things are going on in my head, in my ears, in my nerves, my heart.  I’m concerned about my heart.  I have strange feelings in my body, in different places all the time, and I don’t know what it is.

Sarah Riley:  I became electrically sensitive in 2003.  And I was, at that point, already sick with electrical sensitivity and I was trying to heal from it in a space that I didn’t know would have a numerous amount of cell phone towers going up around it – six to eight cell phone towers surrounding my house within a year, which I didn’t know that palm tree outside my bedroom window was, in fact, a cell phone tower.  In addition to the other factors of dirty electricity and high body voltage and sleeping close to a transformer that was outside my bedroom, I became extremely electrically sensitive to the point I couldn’t lay down at night; I had fireworks all over my body.  And then it became 24/8.  I have nosebleeds, I spit up blood every morning.  I had to sleep in various areas where I could not feel fireworks all over my body.  Then it became 24/7 fireworks all over my body when I was in my home, so I had to go live out in the country, and then eventually on the beach where there was no triggers for me.

It’s such a difficult condition because it’s another invisible element, like the pesticide fight has been for so many years.  It’s invisible, you can’t see it, and it becomes an invisible argument and the test subjects are people who are victims.

At first you don’t even understand your own symptoms, and what’s so scary about this is that there’s so many people who don’t have a previous medical condition who are getting sick from hasty and irresponsible premature deployment of wireless technology like the smart meter.  It really concerns me for myself, the deployment of smart meters.  I’m concerned for myself because it’s going to change my home environment.  I’ve learned how to manage my home environment to where I choose not to have a router, I choose not to have a cordless phone, I choose not to have wireless or a cell phone.  And I can control my haven, which gives me the resilience to manage in the outside world, where there’s a lot of that element going on, even though that is difficult in itself.  I can’t go to libraries, I can’t go to cafes, and if I do, it’s very quickly.

So, what’s going to happen when a smart meter is place on my home, and despite my efforts to control my have environment, I’m not able to be there, either.  Does that mean I have to go camp again, I have to go live on the beach again?  Where I can live in a space where I’m not bombarded by these frequencies that do have physiological impact?

And so, I’m concerned about this – not just for myself, but for other people.  People who are otherwise healthy at this point, they’re getting sick.  And the vulnerable are getting worse.  So, I am very concerned, and there’s an unfortunate deployment of unregulated wireless technologies being deployed.  The regulations are outdated.  Simply stated – they’re outdated.  And it’s time to stop and pause, have a moratorium, and recheck the methods that are being rolled out

Joshua Hart:  Thank you, Sarah.  Thank you to all our 3 electro-sensitive people for being brave enough to share their stories  I just want to wrap up by saying that William Deveriaux, who is the senior director of P&G’s smart genie meter program was caught, last week, falsifying his identity to sneak into a group discussing this kind of health impacts.  That should be evidence enough that the P&G genie knows that they have a serious problem on their hands.  And if the Public Utilities Commission, whose job it is to protect the health and safety of the people of California, failed to put in a moratorium pending health hearings at the state level, then they will be guilty of negligence, and we will need to take further action on this.