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What About Steve Jobs’ Exposure To EMFs?

Update 6 October 2011: The questions I asked in this article are more pertinent than ever now that Mr Jobs has passed away, see also Professor Magda Havas’ letter . RIP Steve Jobs.

This morning I woke up to the news that Steve Jobs, chief executive of Apple, has announced to his employees that he will be taking an indefinite leave of absence from his job to focus on his health.

Not surprisingly, this story is all over the Internet. Apple is one of the big success stories of our times. Initially a project that was born out of Steve Jobs’ is bedroom in the early 1970s, through highly innovative products like the I-Pod, the I-Phone, the Mac Air and the I-Pad, Apple has become both a household name and stock market superstar, with profits being measured in the billions.

Steve jobs was diagnosed in 2003 with a pancreatic tumor and underwent a liver transplant in 2009 , most of the reports that I have read on this story in places like the Los Angeles Times [1], ABC News [2], and Bloomberg focus on this angle. With much reference being made to Pavarotti and Patrick Swayze, who were victims to pancreatic tumors also (though quite different ones it would seem).

But nobody seems to be asking the question what caused Steve Jobs to be ill. Maybe I’m putting two and two together to make five but it does seem to me if there was anybody that has been subjected to excessive levels of electromagnetic pollution then it is Steve Jobs. This is a guy who in 1971 (40 years ago) was working on developing his computer in his bedroom. If there is one place you should not put a computer it is in your bedroom [3]. The work ethic of Steve Jobs is legendary; it is frequently reported in interviews with him of his ability to work tirelessly round the clock on his projects.

In what environment had he been working round the clock in? I would guess that in his headquarters at Apple, Wi-Fi is installed throughout. I would guess that at best Steve Jobs is a moderate user of a cell phone. I would also guess that he spends more time with a laptop computer than with a desktop. Watching videos of him presenting his I-Pad I noticed his tendency to rest the I-Pad on his lap, not far from his pancreas…..

So what we have in the case of Steve Jobs is a prime example of somebody who has been exposed to EMFs firstly from computers and then from cell phones far beyond what can be considered normal levels.

Below is a short video showing the blood analysis of a person before going on a computer and then the same blood analysis after spending 70 minutes on a computer and the same comparison again before and after using a cordless phone. How much are you exposed to these EMFs? [4]

Transcript: “We can learn much by looking at our blood under a microscope.  This short video shows a macrophage, which is like a vacuum cleaner, engulfing bacteria among red blood cells.

I decided to find out what my blood looked like.  I pricked my finger, placed a drop of blood on a slide, and looked at it under the microscope.  This is what I saw: the cells are round, some of them are separate, and a few are sticking together.  Overall, fairly healthy-looking blood.  This testing was done in a clean electromagnetic environment, and I did not eat or drink before or during testing.

I then worked on a computer for seventy minutes and looked at my blood.  This time, the cells are sticking together like stacked coins.  This is called Rouleaux Formation.

Later that day, I used a cordless phone for ten minutes and looked at my blood again.  And this is what I saw: very unhealthy-looking blood.  There are virtually no single cells.  Most of the cells are now in Rouleaux Formation.  A doctor told me this is what she sees with cancer patients.

What I learned is that my blood goes into Rouleaux Formation when I use a computer, or a mobile phone.  This type of clumping interferes with the release of oxygen and the removal of waste products like carbon dioxide.

The capillaries are so narrow that red blood cells must squeeze by in single file, showing the importance of their elasticity.

What are the consequences of Rouleaux Formation – poor circulation resulting in lower oxygen transport to cells and reduced waste removal.

What are the symptoms someone may experience – headaches and fatigue, difficulty concentrating, numbness, tingling, and cold extremities, and possibly heart and blood pressure problems, including stroke.

What is the significance of this?  Live blood analysis may be a good diagnostic for electrohypersensitivity.