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Can Water Be Used As A Form Of EMF Protection?

In 2005, a young lady shared with Gary how her mother had been healed of cancer by eating a raw food diet.

After being trained and taught by this young lady all about raw food preparation, Gary started to learn about nutrition.

He also started to investigate natural healing techniques, essential oils, and other alternatives to the mainstream health and nutrition and industry.

‘Over the course of several years of studying… I was just focused on so many other things and water was just there. It was invisible.’

But then in 2009 Gary came across a book written by Viktor Schauberger, a naturalist from the early 1900s.

Viktor came from many generations of Austrian foresters, and all of his brothers went away to college to learn other mainstream sciences. But Viktor felt compelled to dwell on the forest and observe water in its natural environment.

He would spend time watching the water flow at night, during the day and he became very insightful.

He began to visualize the invisible properties of water.

That began for Viktor, a lifelong relationship with understanding water and developing technologies that could bring water back to its natural state, once it’s been corrupted.

This discovery inspired Gary to pursue Viktor’s work.

Gary has now taken on this vision of bringing back water to its natural healing state.

Gary says, ‘The telecoms knew they were creating devices that would emit frequencies and energies that were going to impact the health of people everywhere [1]. They wrote it into the legislation [2] to make sure that health issues would not be considered when placing cell phone towers. My place has been not to fight the system.’

The last few years Gary has been travelling the world creating and developing implements and devices that can be used in the home to bring water back to its natural state so that we can protect ourselves.

Interview—Can Water Be Used As A Form Of EMF Protection?

Thursday, 5th December at 12 noon EST (9 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m interviewing Gary Greenfield.

Water for emf protectionGary Greenfield had an 18-year career in emergency fire and medical services, 10 years as a pastor, 30 years as an entrepreneur, and the last 15 years as a researcher and inventor of water structuring and EMF protection devices.

In 2005, a young lady shared with Gary how her mother had been healed of cancer by eating a raw food diet.

This encounter set Gary on a quest to learn about the wonders of our natural world and how it differed from the man-made unnatural world and particularly, on investigating the difference of water in its natural state and in its man-made state.

As a result of his research, Gary has created a line of agricultural, residential and personal products designed to enhance life and productivity for plants, animals, people and the environment. You can learn more about Gary’s work here https://www.greenfieldnaturals.com [1]

Listen to my interview with Gary Greenfield and discover:

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