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Essential oils can raise the vibration, or frequency, of your personal energy field (your biofield) so you are no longer a match for low vibrational threats like pathogens, VIRUSES, and EMFs.

By creating the highest vibrational blends, Jodi Cohen has developed a simple, inexpensive and natural way to turn on your immune system (and help calm anxiety) by stimulating the vagus nerve. (The vagus nerve runs from your brain to your gut and regulates ALL organ function.)


[6:55] A powerful comparison of muscle testing and volume. “You either hear something quietly or it’s really loud. Really loud usually means this is going to help.”

[7:40] How blending oils supports organs getting back into functionality.

[10:38] Recognizing and using each person’s utterly unique energetic “blueprint”.

[14:40] How are essential oils made?

[22:22] Exploring Jodi’s unique method of blending oils to balance different organ systems, rather than focusing on symptom correction.

[24:42] Learn how essential oils overcome the blood-brain barrier.

[26:30] Where do you start? Important details about Jodi’s new best-selling book (includes blend recipes).

[27:28] Discover the five things that help everyone.

[29:00] Comparing the sympathetic vs. the parasympathetic state.

[33:49] Essential oil solutions to deal with EMFs and EMF-sensitivity.

[37:33] The science behind accessing your brain via your olfactory channel.

[38:50] The high-vibe of rose essential oil to interrupt anxiety and fear.

[45:02] Activating the parasympathetic state.

[47:10] Specific oils for grounding.

[48:35] Details to attend Jodi’s FREE online Summit on Essential Oils.

[53:20] Learn about Jodi’s specific blends: Circadian Rhythm Blend, Pancreas Blend, Liver and Gallbladder Blends.

[57:38] Discover which essential oils support lymphatic and glymphatic decongestion (to drain toxins from the brain).

[59:26] Essential oils and their effect on immune modulation.

“I LOVE essential oils.”

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