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Treating Electrical Sensitivity With Environmental Medicine

She was practicing emergency medicine in Los Angeles.

She had a nice situation, a good job, nice hours. Everything was going well.

Then she became too weak to work. Literally she didn’t have the strength to raise her arms to wash her hair.

The initial diagnosis was Addison’s disease. She was treated for Addison’s but unfortunately this didn’t treat her completely.

She got very tired in stores. It got to the point where she needed a wheelchair to get around.

She was prescribed cortisol. If she took a tablet she could go into Home Depot for half an hour, but then she’d ‘fall apart’.

The cortisol helped but it was not a treatment for the disease.

As soon as she was exposed to a chemical she became disoriented. But because she wore so much perfume she’d no idea that she was chemically sensitive.

She found herself running away from everything.

A year later a biopsy showed she was suffering from severe mitochondrial disease (a dysfunction of the mitochondria in human cells).

In time she became fully disabled. She had to sell her house and move to a rental and found herself hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

She say’s ,“I knew I was dying from something consistent with ALS and the neurologist had no idea why. I couldn’t read, remember, or appear normal socially”.

Electrical Sensitivity

Electrical sensitivity sounds wacky“, she say’s, “but when you have it, it is very real and quite uncomfortable. My hand would heat up while holding my cell phone. My ear would burn from the ear piece. Gadgets that spin, like fans or tape decks, have high electromagnetic fields and they made me weak. Just picking up the regular phone could make me need to urinate, or cause chest discomfort and sweating—I wanted to hang up!

Thankfully this is no longer the case – she was successfully treated by Dr William Rea.

The lady in question is Dr Lisa Nagy and she’s my next interview guest.


Dr Nagy Treating environmental illnessThursday, 25th August at 10 AM EST (7 AM PST or 2 PM GMT) I’m conducting a LIVE interview with Dr Lisa Nagy.

Lisa Lavine Nagy MD [1] graduated from The University of Pennsylvania and then from Cornell Medical College. After a surgical internship she completed Emergency Medicine residency at Metropolitan Hospital in NYC and practiced in Los Angeles until becoming severely ill which resulted an a career change.

She’s currently president of Preventive and Environmental Health Alliance, a group focused on educating medical students, doctors, the AMA, congress and the public and assists patients to find help nationwide. She is a delegate to the Massachusetts Medical Society and to the CDC’s National Conversation on Chemicals and Public Health. She was recently named to the National Institutes of Health Roundtable on Building and Health and she makes regular appearances on national Television.

In this interview we will be talking about:

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