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My Tips For A Low EMF Christmas

The holiday season is nearly upon us.

It should be a time of goodwill to all men (and women), families getting together, sharing.

I hope there’ll be plenty of this in your life this Christmas.

But first there are practical considerations.

low emf christmas [1]Things like:

What are you getting your kids for Christmas?

What are you getting your spouse and loved ones?

What are you asking for?

Buying presents can be tricky.

There’s a lot to consider: what you think they’d like, what you think they need, what you think’d make them happy, what you can afford.

What you buy or what someone else buy’s you will have all this factored in.

But there’s another important consideration very few people think of.


Why EMFs Are Important At Christmas

EMFs are important in terms of what you buy and what you don’t buy.

Top of the list of what not to buy is/should be wireless products.

Wireless products emit pulsed digital radiation.

If you’re buying for kids this is VERY important.

The Playstation, Wii, X-box, radio controlled cars, helicopters, planes, computer tablets, smart phones.

All these toys might provide hours of fun but they’re also very dangerous.

They all emit pulsed digital microwave radiation, increasingly.

I did a test on my son’s Playstation 3 a while back. His PS3 has wired controllers. Not surprisingly my EMF meters detected no wireless emissions; nevertheless I detected significant other EMF emissions. The video is here:

[vsw id=”NEVbUTV7o_g” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ &autoplay=0]


I rang my local store yesterday to ask about the Playstation 4. They told me it could only be bought with wireless controllers.

The Xbox, I’m told only comes with wireless controllers.

The Wii, only uses wireless controllers. The RF radiation emissions are not insignificant as my video shows:

[vsw id=”WQT3l2iXhrs” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ &autoplay=0]


The studies tell us that the effects of wireless radiation are MUCH more profound on children’s developing brains and bodies.

And lifetime exposures for children are likely to far exceed those of today’s adults – few of today’s adults were exposed to prolonged wireless radiation at birth (or before).

Wireless toys and gadgets might look harmless but they’re not.

They’re deceptively harmful.

What Should You Buy?

Good old-fashioned toys are MUCH healthier for our kids.

Prefer toys made from natural materials that don’t have a screen.

When I was a kid I played for hours with model cars, Lego and Meccano. I’d create imaginary space stations and battle scenes that I’d play with for days on end. Those were the days.

Fast forward to Christmas 2013.

If you’re buying for your partner or your partner is buying for you an EMF meter makes for an excellent present.

It’s SO important to have an EMF meter.

You might have cut your WiFi and got rid of your cordless phone but I GUARANTEE there’ll be something you’ve overlooked.

EVERY home has hidden EMF hotspots. Faulty wiring, dirty electricity, devices that emit high magnetic fields, devices that emit RF radiation but ‘shouldn’t’.

There are ALWAYS surprises. Fact.

The ONLY way of uncovering these surprises is with an EMF meter.

It might not sound a very romantic present but besides being invaluable diagnostic tools EMF meters can be a lot of fun to use.

Which meter should you buy?

It’s a question of horses for courses. It depends on your particular needs.

If there’s one meter I recommend as a general ‘can’t go wrong’ good all-round buy it’s the Cornet ED88T. It’s tri-function. It measures RF radiation, electric fields and magnetic fields. It measures them well. And it’s reasonably priced.

Click here [2] for my review of the Cornet ED88T.

Another great idea is my eBook. I’ve published 2 eBooks on EMF protection. This is the shorter lower cost version – a great resource for anyone interested in EMF protection. And very reasonably priced. See https://electricsenseinterviews101.com/emf-protection-ebook-36-10p/ [3]

For more gift ideas check out my Amazon EMF Protection Store [4].

Happy low EMF Christmas!