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Stop A Smart Meter Installation – What To Do

How to stop a smart meter installation – are you looking for an urgent answer to this question?

I know an awful lot of people are.

They are worried about the RF radiation [1] emissions from wireless smart meters.

That’s why I wanted to share with you this EXTREMELY effective procedure on preventing a smart meter installation. Word has it that everyone using this method of dealing with any utility company that is trying to install a smart meter gets the installation immediately halted.

The original template was drafted to be used freely by everyone in British Columbia, but it can be used by anyone, anywhere, who wants to stop a smart meter. That’s why its important to circulate this information as widely as possible.

Stop A Smart Meter Installation – Whats Involved

You need four documents, as follows:

1. A Guide To Understanding and Completing Your Non Negotiable Private Notice [2] – a 4 page printout which explains how to fill in the Private Owners Claim of Right Template which is the key document required to stop a meter installation

2. A Private Owners Claim of Right Template [3], the document you need to fill out and send by registered mail

3. An informational guide entitled Differences between The Private and Public [4], which explains some of the important legal issues involved

4. A No Trespassing sign [5], which you can print out and display on your property

Many thanks to the people at BCFreedom for sharing this information.

What You Need to Do

Use these documents, customize them to your own particular circumstances. Fill out the Private Owners Claim of Right Template, and mail it to your utility company.

Stop Smart Meter Installation in Australia

For instructions on how to stop a smart meter in Australia click here [6].

You can’t stop a smart meter installation unless you act, so act now.