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Smart Meter Radiation And Medical Implants

New facets of the ‘EMF issue’ are being uncovered all the time.

One that gets little attention is that of smart meters and medical implants.

Being exposed to pulsed digital microwave radiation 24/7 is not good for anybody.

But if you’ve been fitted with a pace maker, defibrillator, deep brain stimulator, implanted insulin device, or any similar medical device that is radio-frequency (RF) operated then there’s an added complication.

One that seems to have been completely overlooked; that smart meters can interfere with the function of these devices and can have a very direct impact on the health of the person carrying the device.

This issue needs addressing. The Peoples Initiative [1] is working to help people fitted with these devices. Thanks to Pat for bringing this information to my attention.

“From Liz Barris in California –
Dear All,
I have spent these passed couple of weeks contacting law firms all over the country in an attempt to save our smart meter health effects lawsuits from falling into “sustained without leave to amend” oblivion.
Thanks to all of your helpful suggestions of potential law firms, we may have come across one that may appeal our cases but there is a catch…this firm is primarily interested in the smart meter/medical implant interference cases. In other words if the smart meter interacted with or caused shut offs of pace makers, defibrillators, deep brain stimulators, implanted insulin devices, or any medical device that is RF operated and therefor capable of interacting with a smart meter.
Since our Edison mass tort contains a pace maker/defibrilator shut off plaintiff, the firm has agreed to appeal our Edison cases, but under one condition…we must obtain at least 4 more such medical implant/smart meter interaction cases in the state of CA. This would buy us more time to possibly convince them to try the non-medical implant related cases in addition to the medical implant cases, although there is no guarantee they will do so. But even to get to this stage, we must obtain at least 4 more medical device/smart meter interference cases in order for them to be interested in taking these cases at all. Worst case scenario, we will have a new set of lawsuits for medical implant interaction with smart meters and best case scenario we will be able to convince the firm to try our regular smart meter health effects cases.
If you know of anyone in the state of CA who has been experiencing difficulty with their implanted medical devices and they believe it is due to their smart meter exposure, please have them contact me asap. I will ask them a few qs and then if they qualify, will turn them over to this law firm who will then make a decision. Even if the firm decides to take their case, the potential plaintiff is in no way be obligated to have this firm take their case. But this is a very strong firm with a prolific history of wins under their belt, including major wins against the utility industry, so I am fairly confident in their ability to try these cases successfully…..
Liz’s email – contact@thepeoplesinitiative.org
Thank you so much for your help with this. Please pass this email on to any and everyone you know who might qualify or be interested.
If you have already contacted me regarding a medical implant interacting with a smart meter, please reach out again. Although I do have you in my general smart meter/health complaint file, I did not mark down everyone’s exact health complaint and am unable to distinguish who had a medical implant interaction and who had just a regular smart meter health complaint.
If you are in another state besides CA and have had medical implant interaction with a smart meter or know of someone who has, please also reach out to me as they may be taking on cases like these all over the US. They have offices in many states.
If we are able to successfully try these medical device implant cases, even though it affects a much smaller part of the population, it could have enormous impact not just on the smart meter industry, but potentially the wireless industry as a whole. Also, being able to appeal our Edison mass tort on health effects in general would be quite advantageous. Any legal leg at all to stand on in terms of adverse health effects is a foot in the door against this industry’s absolute disregard for human and environmental heath and life.
Thank you so much for your continued help and support.
With much gratitude and sincerity,