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Exclusive Webinar Replay: Lloyd Burrell with Dr. Rob Vanbergen

Watch this webinar to discover:

  • [13:22] How microcurrent stimulates your body's natural functions
  • [16:16] What are scalar waves, exactly? Loud stereo analogy
  • [18:40] How EMF-sensitive people have too much electricity in the body and how scalar can correct this
  • [20:52] The link between your body, scalar waves, and the Schumann resonance
  • [27:59] Power does not equal intensity – this is what makes scalar so unique compared to EMFs
  • [32:28] The miraculous healing benefits of scalar
  • [35:15] How Scalar Qi functions by virtue of Tesla coils
  • [36:28] How scalar waves can repair DNA
  • [38:31] How scalar energy is one of the easiest ways to boost your immune system
  • [50:00] Can scalar treat Alzheimer's and dementia?

Please note:  you can call 1-888-758-0851 toll-free in the US & Canada (outside the US & Canada call 250-338-1885) it's usually Dr. Rob that picks up, obviously during normal business hours. And if you want to ask a question by email to Dr. Rob click here.

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