Replay of my interview with BD Erickson, CEO of Satic

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The interview lasts 2 hours but the actual presentation with slides only lasts an hour. The rest of the time is devoted to the Q&A session. If you are short on time, here are some timestamps to support you:

[10:03] Learn the shocking (pun intended) truth about dirty electricity (which MOST homes have) and how it's being distributed/created IN your home AND surroundings

[36:45] Discover how simple wiring errors, which many homes have (which often go undetected) can create harmful EMFs

[45:10] Deep dive on the health risks from EMF exposure – ranging from neurological and cellular effects to CANCER and how it may be chipping away at your overall well-being 

[51:02] Find out how to tackle dirty electricity and have clean power in YOUR home using a variety of innovative protective measures such as: Pure Power Plugin solutions, EMI meters, SaticPulse Lights for the home, Outlet Testers, and Field Shields. 

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