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Risk factors for EMF Radiation Illness

Could you become electrically hypersensitive and thus suffer symptoms from oversensitivity to EMF’s?

It would seem that some people may have an inborn sensitivity to EMF’s.

Others might become electrically sensitized by some kind of trigger event–some kind of shock to the system.

Electrical Sensitivity Risk Factors

The primary risk factors include:

Well in my view if you are regularly exposed to any of the following:

You are a prime candidate! And if you expose yourself to cell phone radiation by more than 30 minutes a day you do increase your risk of contracting brain cancer.

How Long Does It Take To Feel The Symptoms Of Electrical Sensitivity?

Studies suggest that it can take 10 to 20 years for all the symptoms of electro-sensitivity to manifest themselves.  I had been using a mobile phone for only five years when I started to get the symptoms.

This all might sound a bit gloomy.  For some people electro-sensitivity is not just a few aches and pains now and again–it is permanent suffering. Worse still, it can and sometimes does develop into tumors, cancers and other life-threatening diseases. But the good news is, if we now individually and collectively start to react to this threat, I think we can all live happy and healthy lives.