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Quincy Jones Daughter Admits To Being Electrically Sensitive

Electrical sensitivity (ES) is a condition which few people know exists.

Many illnesses suffer from this lack of public recognition.

The truth is most people are not really concerned with an illness or condition until it affects them personally.

Or it affects somebody they know.

Or it affects somebody that a lot of people know. Somebody famous.

Parkinson’s disease for instance, people forget that until Michael J Fox was diagnosed with the disease and got active on the issue, little progress had been made. Michael J Fox made Parkinson’s disease newsworthy. He came to be its most passionate advocate giving testimonies to Senate committees in Washington and founding the Michael J Fox foundation for Parkinson’s research.

It just so happens that electrical sensitivity has another high profile name to add to the list of ‘sufferers’. That of Jolie Jones, the oldest daughter of Quincy Jones.

Less famous than her music mogul father, Jolie Jones became a much sought after model in the late 60’s.

It turns out she’s also electrically sensitive.

“I am extremely sensitive to radio frequencies from cellphones and wireless networks,” she explains.

It’s sad to say, but a really high profile celebrity case of electrosensitivity would be the best thing to raise public awareness on this issue.

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