Spira-Shield Conduit

(Part. #NET72280-T)

Spira-Shield Conduit 3/8 Inch
  • Spira-Shield Conduit 3/8 Inch
  • (Part. #NET72280-T)
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High permeability magnetic shielding and physical protection for any ROMEX® electrical wiring. Made of .010″ thick Magnetic Shielding Alloy.

Just slip it over standard wiring to provide that peace of mind when it must be near electromagnetically active sources.

Best to ground it for the added benefit of E-Field shielding.

Shielding performance depends on many factors, including field strength and tube diameter.

Priced per 10 foot length.

Here are some examples: based on DC field, perpendicular to the THIN tube:
Field outside of tube Field inside tube
5 Gauss…………………… 1 mG
1 Gauss…………………… 0.2 mG
250 mG…………………… less than 0.2 mG

For clarification: this item protects the cable inside the shield from magnetic fields originating outside the shield.
Thin is 3/8″ ID and 1/2″ OD. 


  • magnetic shielding
  • also reduces interference in stereo and telephone lines (noise reduction)
  • prevents crosstalk between cables near to each other
  • safe way to shield wires


  • takes more space than a simple cable and not that flexible
  • shielding all your wiring can be high in cost
  • may require some work/a professional to shield wires which are behind a wall 

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