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(Part. #NET1215-36-5)
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Scotchtinttm Shielding Window Film 36 Inches wide
  • Scotchtinttm Shielding Window Film 36 Inches wide
  • (Part. #NET1215-36-5)
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Shield your house, office, or any other building from the radio frequency radiation coming from outside. Protect yourself from your neighbor's WiFi, an antenna across the road, smart meter radiation, cell tower radiation etc.

Many people overlook shielding their windows, and yet often the windows in a room are the weakest link. This Window film is a great solution, it can be applied on any glass, and will shield up to 90% of the RF. 

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Clean your window
  2. Cut the film the size wanted/needed (a spine tool is the best to cut)
  3. Peel out the backing
  4. Wet the film
  5. Directly apply on the glass surface


  • Best permanent solution to shield against RF - can also be paired with shielding curtains
  • Nice mirror effect - will transmit 19%(approx) of the light
  • Heat temporizer & savior - rejects 79%(approx) of the heat coming from the outside/ reduce heat loss 30%(approx)
  • UV protector - blocks 98%(approx)


  • Dims the light slightly - less natural light coming in


Size: 36 Inches wide, 4 foot section


Frequency Attenuation Frequency Attenuation
30 MHz 24 dB 1 GHz 24 dB
100 MHz 22 dB 2.5 GHz 26 dB
300 MHz 22 dB 4.5 GHz 27 dB


Shading Coefficient 0.26 Emissivity 0.65 Glare Reduction 78%
Visible Light Reflected 58% Heat Gain Reduction 72% "U" Value 0.95
Visible Light Transmitted 19% Heat Loss Reduction 10% Visible Light Energy Rejected 77%

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