Shielded Power Cord

(Part. #NET60736-6)

Shielded Power Cord (6 ft)
  • Shielded Power Cord (6 ft)
  • (Part. #NET60736-6)
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This power cord shields both electric and magnetic fields (close to zero).The patented wiring configuration inside the cable causes cancellation of the fields.

Standard North American Style 3-prong plug and socket. (Plug and Socket color and style may vary) Rated for 8 Amps, 300V. Length 6ft. 


- There is less loss of power and data due to additional protective layer

- The signal strength remains the same for a longer run of cable as there is less external interference

- Reduce the emission of electromagnetic radiations as these radiations can damage the nearby devices too

- The lifetime of shielded cables is way more than the standard cables


- Requires knowledge of how to properly wire the free end to your electric device (a professional)

- The cost is higher then unshielded cables

- Heavier and can take up more space in the appliance or working space

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