Computer Tablet Shielded Pouch

(Part. #NET211)

iPad Pouch

Suitable for iPads, Tablets, and Small Notebook Computers

If you check your iPad with a radio frequency (RF) meter you will notice two things:
   1- while your iPad is switched on, the RF radiation emissions are very strong
   2- while it’s switched off it STILL emits microwave radiation

iPad POUCH cell phone radiation shield This pouch is a shielded pouch with 2 pockets.  One pocket is shielded on both sides, the other pocket is shielded on only one side.

There are several ways you can use it:

1. Put your device inside the pouch which is shielded on both sides. Radiation emissions will be reduced to almost zero. This is ideal for when you are not working on the device but you need to keep it in the same room with you.

2. Put your device in the pouch which is shielded only on one side. This allows continued communicate with your router but shields your body on the shielded side of the pouch - your radiation exposures are not zero but they are lessned. This position also protects the tablet from getting damaged as you carry it around.

3. While working you can put your tablet on the outside of the iPad Pouch, as shown in this image, to shield your lap, belly, or legs underneath the pouch from radiation.

This pouch has a simple fold-over top with Velcro closure. Pocket measures 11.4 x 7.8 inches (29cm x 20cm) and has a durable black leather-like finish.

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