Gigahertz ME3851A EMF Meter

(Part. #NET482)

EMF Gigahertz Meter Model ME3851A
  • EMF Gigahertz Meter Model ME3851A
  • (Part. #NET482)
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The Gigahertz ME3851A is a professional level EMF combination meter. But you don't have to be a professional to use it - it's very easy to use (only 3 buttons). It's professional level meter by virtue of the very precise measurement of magnetic fields and electric fields it offers, and also because it measures up in the kHz range it can measure the presence of dirty electricity

You can select 4 frequency range settings: 

  1. 5 Hz – 100 kHz (full bandwidth)
  2. 16 Hz (electric trains)
  3. 50 Hz – 100 kHz (ELF + VLF)
  4. 2 kHz – 100 kHz (VLF only)

Pros: 1) Ideal if you are searching for more precise readings 2) by virtue of it's ground lead it gives particulalry accurate readings for electric fields 3) easy to use

Cons: More expensive.

Product features: 

  • Digital LCD readout
  • AC/DC voltage output
  • Sound
  • Rechargeable battery (9V) - AC power supply/charger, and ground cord
  • Auto power off
  • Manual in English and German
  • 2 year warranty

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