EMF Survey Kit

(Part. #NET141)

EMF Kit - 3 EMF Meters + Case
  • EMF Kit - 3 EMF Meters + Case
  • (Part. #NET141)
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The EMF survey kit offer's everything you need to check your home for unsafe levels of electromagnetic fields including wifi, smart meters, fluorescent lights, circuit boxes, wiring, appliances, computers and TVs, cellphones, and so much more. The kit comprises equipment that is easy to use, reliable, and reasonably priced.

With this kit, you can measure:

  • Dirty Electricity
  • Low frequency magnetic fields
  • Low Frequency electric fields
  • High frequency (radiowaves)

You get:

  • Acousticom2 (measures RF)
  • Pocket PF Meter (measures E and M fields)
  • Stezerizer Microsurge Meter (measures dirty electricity)
  • And a foam lined, professional-looking, locking carry case.

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