EMF Belly Shield

(Part. #NET234-l)

Belly Band

Where do you hold your cellphone? iPad? Laptop? Right in front of your belly where it can best radiate your baby! The Belly Band is a microwave (radiofrequency) tummy-front shield for expecting mothers who prefer little snugness around the belly and a looser fit. The pleated design makes it easy to adjust the amount of vertical coverage. It can discreetly cover unzipped pants as the belly grows. Laboratory tested for performance. Repels wi-fi, cellphone, microwave oven, CB/TV/FM and other RF radiation.

- Pleated and breathable for discreet, comfortable fit
- 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex, and RadiaShield® Fabric (a highly conductive Silver textile providing 99.9% RF shielding effectiveness)
- Four sizes (small to x-large)
- Light-weight and machine washable for everyday use

Instructions: Wear under or over clothes throughout your pregnancy, with larger side fully covering mama's belly.

Please note: This garment does not offer total protection. There have been no studies done on this but it is possible that partial shielding of this type could significantly increase your future baby’s radiation exposures particulalry if the source of radiation is behind you.

Black only.


Belly Band expecting mother protection Package
Belly Band ordering information:*
Size (US)
Cat. #Price
Small0-4 (xs/s)A234-s$59.95 add emf fetus protection belly band to cart
Medium6-10 (m/l)A234-m$59.95 add anti-radiation baby shield to cart
Large12-18 (l/xl)A234-l$59.95
X-Large20-24 (xl/xxl)A234-xl$59.95 add radiofrequency protection during pregnancy to cart
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