Electrical Circuit Tester

(Part. #NET452)

Socket Tester Including Ground Test
  • Socket Tester Including Ground Test
  • (Part. #NET452)
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Electric sockets can have a number of issues/problems and yet still work. For instance: a wire can short or fray, a wire can become disconnected, or corrode at the contact, or the wires can be connected to the wrong contact altogether. These problems can cause a fire or provoke a shock.

Simply plug in the tester the LEDs light up to indicate all these possible problems:

- Voltage on ground connection
- Disconnected Ground
- Disconnected Neutral
- Disconnected Hot
- Interchanged Neutral and Hot
- Interchanged Ground and Hot
- Interchanged Ground and Hot, Neutral missing
- GFI function

This inexpensive tester can be used over and over and gives either peace of mind or specific information about what to do. North American Plug only. Rated for 120V, 50/60 Hz.

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