Desktop Magnetic Shielding Foil

(Part. #NET276)

Magnetic Shielding Foil 15
  • Magnetic Shielding Foil 15"x0.004"
  • (Part. #NET276)
  • $24.95/ linear ft
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Wrap your desktop tower with magnetic shielding foil to reduce magnetic fields. 

The most importnat thing is to increase your distance from the tower, you can wrap the tower in magnetic shielding foil to greatly reduce magnetic field emissions. Simply wrap it like a birthday present. You can seal the seams with duct tape. Leave some opening for air circulation and access for cables.

Notes: metal edges are sharp, use caution when handling. Foil is thin and flexible and can be easiy cut with scissors. 15 inches wide x any length you like. Minimum order is 1 linear foot.

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