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President Obama Victim Of Electromagnetic Radiation

According to www.antennasearch.com [1]there are 77 cell phone towers located within a distance of 1 mile of the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC. Five of these 77 cellphone towers are shown to be registered and 72 are shown to be unregistered and therefore non regulated.

White House Bombarded By Significant Levels Of Electromagnetic Radiation

There are 756 antennas located on these 77 Towers located within 1 mile of the White House. The nearest antenna is just .11 miles away. Each antenna may emit up to 100 W of power per signal. The wattage indicates the strength of the electro-magnetic field emitted and the potential penetration of these electromagnetic fields into our bodies. When you multiply 756 antennas by 100 W you get some idea of the scale of the exposure to electromagnetic radiation at the White House.

(Credit : The American Trial lawyer – Collateral Damage)

President Obama Subjected To High Levels Of Electromagnetic Radiation

The level of electromagnetic pollution present at the White House may be one of the highest in the United States. Given that the cell phone tower limits in the US are up to 100 times less draconian than in some other countries [2] it’s possible that the level of electromagnetic radiation at the White House is amongst the highest anywhere in the Western world.

Isn’t it ironic to think the person most exposed to the dangers of electromagnetic sensitivity could be the person who is widely considered to be the most protected man in the world, President Barrack Obama.