Overcoming Electrical Sensitivity – Long Term Coaching Program

I no longer suffer from electrical sensitivity. I am 100% healed. This isn’t just my assessment it’s also that of a medical doctor.

Okay, so what? Well, how many other people do you know that are 100% healed from electrical sensitivity?

Let’s not forget, my symptoms were extreme. Day long headaches were the norm as was high blood pressure, joint pain, stomach pain, massive fatigue….. I couldn’t use a cell phone. I couldn’t use my computer. I couldn’t watch TV. Shopping malls and most of my friends houses became no-go zones. I couldn’t even use an ordinary telephone (land-line) without getting a headache.

To get from there to where I am today took me the best part of 10 years. It’s my mission in life to help others achieve the same – but in a shorter time-scale. A lot shorter.

Here is a testimonial from one of my clients:


Why Can I Help?

I know what it means to live with electrical sensitivity 24/7, 365 days a year. The suffering, the pain, the lack of support from family, friends, the medical community and the sense of hopelessness that this nourishes. I’ve lived through all that and I’m very happy to say that these symptoms and experiences are firmly in the past. This is why I can help.

How Can I Help?

I help you identify and deal with the principal causative factors, the source of your electrical sensitivity, using a three phase process:

Phase 1: Direct EMF Protection

Rigorous EMF protection. This includes:
– precisely what EMFs you need to measure,
– what EMF meters to use,
– how to use these meters,
– when and how to shield
– what are safe levels of EMFs?

Phase 2: Indirect EMF Protection

This includes:

– nutrition & detox
– identifying and dealing with emotions and beliefs that aren’t serving you
– meditation, visualizations and other energy practices

Phase 3: Thinking and acting holistically

This is about making sure our implemented solutions are effective and sustainable. It includes:

– troubleshooting
– providing objective and ongoing feedback
– making my role obsolete in your healing path

Can I Help You?

Honestly, I don’t know. That’s what we have to figure out first – before we start. And it’s not because your symptoms are too extreme that I can’t help you. It all depends where you are on your healing journey. If I can’t help you then I will tell you outright before we start that I can’t help you.

The Choice

The choice is simple. You can either go on trying to figure all this out yourself, negotiating all the pitfalls, all the blind alleys, all the ‘quick fixes’ like I did. You might get there in the end (it took me ten years). Then again you might not. Or you can save yourself time and money and work with me.

What Can You Expect?

When we’re done you can expect a significant reduction in all symptoms and a much greater quality of life. My best result so far is a client for whom I was able to resolve their issues within 3 months.

What’s The Next Step?

To book an initial chat and learn more click here https://electricsense.youcanbook.me/ The initial chat is just that, a chat. There’s no obligation to go any further.  If we’re not a good fit I’ll tell you outright – I’m very selective who I work with. If we are a good fit I’ll invite you to take the next step.

What People Are Saying About Me

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 15.54.19I knew I was electrically sensitive and had been trying to figure out solutions on my own but having a hard time. I felt like I had literally been zapped of my energy, had problems sleeping, infertility issues, tired a lot, ungrounded, spacey, and weird aches and pains in my head and body. I wanted to feel better, more grounded, and help change my home environment and eliminate as many EMF’s as I could. I got tremendous results with Lloyd… on so many levels. I learned a great deal about my environment, felt empowered about changing my home situation to suit my electric sensitivity, and I feel better! And a lot more grounded and better in my body and sleeping more sound now. I loved Lloyd’s energy and the way he guided the sessions. I learned not only about EMFs and how to greatly reduce them in my environment, but he also helped me with my meditations and grounding to the earth’s energy to help me live the best life I can. You can share what you’ve learned with family and friends and help them become more healthy and aware……I learned that age old saying, what you put your energy towards grows, so learn about EMFs and what you can do, but don’t obsess about it. Lloyd is sooo knowledgeable and incredibly helpful.
-Amy Smart, Los Angeles

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 15.54.19EMFs are an increasingly big deal; so is figuring out how to deal with them. So, I was very happy when I came across Lloyd Burrell and his work. His website and related resources (e-books, interviews, videos, blog) are a wealth of information in themselves but for those wishing to go further, Lloyd’s coaching is well worth considering. With Lloyd’s input and guidance, I learned how to measure, assess and correct various EMF exposure levels in my home and work environments. This has been tremendously helpful to me both personally and professionally and, frankly, I can’t imagine I could have done this in such a clear, comprehensive and effective way without Lloyd’s able and supportive help. It has made a huge difference in my work with EMFs.
My background and experience as scientist-practitioner (neuroscience) meant I knew where to take it from there but Lloyd also is a capable coach for those who are needing guidance beyond the point of reducing exposure. This second phase of intervention is often a necessary step, especially in cases of prolonged exposure and acquired EMF hypersensitivity, because symptoms often do not completely resolve by reducing exposure alone; the brain (and other systems) frequently have been affected in more enduring ways. Lloyd knows this well, has lived it during his own illness and recovery and is a capable coach for those wishing to address these residual effects. Knowledgeable yet humble, straightforward yet compassionate, Lloyd is a rare and important resource in the EMF frontier. I am very glad to have had the opportunity to meet and work with him.
-Dr. Carol Viera, Massachusetts

Please tell Lloyd that I am completely cured and it is thanks to him…I started to feel “buzzed” throughout my whole body when I was near power lines, WiFi and even in the house. I couldn’t touch my computer or cell phone anymore because my arms would cramp up. My heart would race, my body ached, I had head aches, my teeth hurt, I couldn’t go to restaurants or stores. I left my condo In the city and moved to my partner’s house in the country. In the end I slept in a copper tent and turned off all the electricity in the house. I hardly went out anymore and when I finally gave up my city condo and moved to Puget Sound, I slept in my car on the way because I couldn’t stay in motels.
My partner was an absolute angel and researched EMS. He found Lloyd’s website. I learned a lot about shielding and other things…Now I do anything I want, go anywhere. I’m a passionate traveler. My biggest fear before had been that I would never be able to fly again. I went to Switzerland last June and have just booked a three month trip to Spain and Portugal. I have my life back…”
-Therry F, Seattle, Washington

Part cheerleader, part life coach, and all mensch, Lloyd genuinely cares about his clients and is skilled at prodding and encouraging them gently to make the necessary changes in their lives. Lloyd got me started on a meditation practice, which I continue to this day. He helped to put me on a better path and provided assistance and guidance at a time in my life when I needed it.
-J L, Los Angeles

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 16.05.28After spending some time (many hours) trying to learn what to do and what not to do about EMF issues and protection I decided to stop reinventing the wheel and contact Lloyd, I made the right choice. I found Lloyd to be a solid, knowledgeable honest person, very comfortable to talk with.
Lloyd was able to take my specific situation and lay out a plan that would give me the most effective results for my efforts. When you venture down an unknown path it helps to have an experienced guide. Some people give more than they take, Thanks Lloyd for being one of those people!
-Steve Stapel, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Thanks a bunch Lloyd and thank you for sharing everything you have learned. I have been on a quest to find the truth in all things. The information you have is great. Keep up the good work and thanks again!
-Joshua Malan, American Fork, Utah, USA

You’ve helped me find the answers I had been seeking regarding the effects of EMFs on the nervous system and energy body. I feel you are pioneering a path that can help more of us defend our inherent right to a life of well-being, free from interference.
You’re wonderful—your work really helps me with my EMF sensitivity.
-Molly H, Georgia, USA

I just wanted to let you know that I am soo grateful I found this website. I have been going in circles trying to understand EMFs and what to do about them and frankly, making myself crazy (the information out there is so discombobulated). This website has been a blessing and I’m so glad to have found it. I am finally getting the answers I have been looking for. So thank you for what you do!
-Nicole, Phoenix, AZ

Hey Lloyd, I keep coming back to your wonderful website time and again. THANK YOU for all of your information and help!

Wake up every one and do what ever things you can no matter how small to help educate and live a more natural life. Thank you Lloyd and all the courageous and serving scientists in the world who continue to help us all on earth.

Thank you, Lloyd for your website and its ability to help people communicate about these perplexing problems that are not easily defined since radiation occurs over a wide spectrum with different health effects from frequency and power levels as well as duration. We can’t see it and theoretically it is said that most of this radiation is above auditory level and cannot be heard (ask my dog!)….. Thank you very much.
-Jon Draw

I cannot thank you enough for your newsletter, it was phenomenal. I AM reading the “Report” and being highly enlightened. Thank you! Thank you!
-Lori ann Garza

Thank you again Lloyd. Sometimes it takes being smacked with a bat to get our attention. This summer, after a trip to the hospital emergency room (severe vertigo, vomiting, etc), I realized EMFs were causing health problems for me. I turned off the wireless signal on my router and now use cables. Thanks to your website I can now further improve my situation.Many blessings to you, keep up the good work.

Dear Lloyd,I would like to inform you that I am as sensitized to EMFs as you have been. It started in 1996 and since then I have been living, doing exactly the same things you have done.
You are absolutely right about everything you have said. I have gone through the same experience. I could not even speak on a landline or even watch a TV channel. Even today for me a cordless phone is as bad as a mobile phone. When I tried to explain to people they just felt it was a psycho problem. Nobody understood what EMFs are and how they could affect you.
I fully support you in trying to create awareness about the problem because I believe as time passes more and more people will be adversely affected and will have serious problems.
Keep up the good work.
Best Regards,

To book an initial chat and learn more click here https://electricsense.youcanbook.me/

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