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How To Measure The EMF Exposures In Your Home

Who doesn’t love their cell phone and other wireless gadgets? Lloyd Burrell used to think the same but when cell phone use (radiation) compromised his physical health he got wise about EMFs (electromagnetic fields) from wireless devices and decided to share his story with the public.

In this episode of ElectricSense, Lloyd and host Kimberly Henrie discuss how you can measure the EMF exposures in your home. Kimberly kicks off this episode’s conversation by sharing results of using some of Lloyd’s EMF tips from previous episodes. You won’t want to miss this!

From Baby Steps to Long Term

In the previous episode of ElectricSense, Lloyd and Kimberly discussed the biggest offenders of EMFs in the home – most of them are probably in your home right now! Although replacing these ‘worst offenders’ with lower-EMF versions is a good start, until you actually measure the EMF exposures in your home it’s all guesswork. In this podcast Lloyd explains:

Why Buying An EMF Meter Is Such An Important Investment In your Health

Because the EMF exposure levels in your home are constantly evolving due to internal and external factors, buying an EMF meter so you can constantly monitor this situation and take action as needed, is an excellent investment. Tune in to hear Lloyd suggest other places outside the home that you can use your EMF meter and other reasons why it’s important to be able to measure EMFs on a regular basis.

If at the end of the episode you have more questions, check out Lloyd’s website for more information or this page electricsenseinterviews101.com/emf-protection-ebook-36-10p/ [1] for details on how to get a copy of Lloyd’s book, “Long Term EMF Protection – Start Feeling Better Today”.