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Laptop Radiation And Your Sperm

Recent scientific studies have determined that reproductive health is affected by cell phone radiation [1]when the cell phone is turned on and kept on the body, either in a pocket or a purse. But what about laptop radiation? Did you know that your vital parts are also getting an unhealthy dose of electromagnetic radiation from your laptop computer if you make a habit of actually holding it on your lap?

[2] Courtesy of Wikipedia

Well  the same kind of risks hold true for laptops as for cell phones, decreased sperm count, because of Wi-Fi radiation from a laptop.  Researchers in Argentina conducted a study to look at how holding a laptop on the legs, near the testes, affects sperm.  Their results showed damage to the DNA of sperm cells, suggesting the harmful nature of laptop radiation on male reproductive capacity.

In the research study, two sets of sperm samples were studied from healthy donors.  One was incubated near a laptop connected via Wi-Fi, the other was a control sample.  The laptop sample showed a greater number of sperm that were immobile after 4 hours of exposure.  Another aspect of the study showed broken DNA in the sperm exposed to the radiation from the devices.

You can easily see for yourself laptop radiation by testing with an EMF meter [3].

Fertility Warning: Laptop Radiation Is Not To Be Taken Lightly

Sperm need both mobility and healthy DNA to fertilize a female egg.  It seems that, as strange as it sounds, laptops don’t belong on laps.

Sánchez Sarmiento, one of the Argentinean Researchers stated: “While we need further research, our first advice is that people avoid using the laptop on your lap, especially if they are connected to Wi-Fi”.

As more and more evidence is gathered regarding the hazards to human health from electromagnetic frequency radiation from different sectors of the scientific world, its clear to me that we should question the safety of all EMF transmitting and receiving devices.

How To Protect Yourself From Laptop Radiation

The short answer is not to use your laptop on your lap. But if you do insist on using your laptop on your lap then you would be well advised to do so for only for short periods.  Click here for my 9 tips to reduce computer radiation [4].

Human Reproductive Health at Great Risk  From Laptop Radiation

A laptop may seem perfectly innocuous.  But just think about it.  It receives wireless internet signals (microwaves) and radiates EMF’s. The human anatomy has no place in a microwave oven. Laptop radiation poses a real threat to regular users of laptop PCs

How long are we going to ignore increasing evidence from the scientific community that we are facing a dire emergency?  Laptop radiation can damage sperm and create other adverse health effects, act now before its too late…