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Interview With EMF Expert And Brain Tumor Survivor Lloyd Morgan

28 April 1995 started out just like any other Friday.

He was lunching in an Indian restaurant with a work colleague.

Then half-way through the meal…..bam.

His body started convulsing violently, uncontrollably and he lost consciousness.

He had a 45 minute “Grand Mal” brain seizure. They rushed him to hospital in an ambulance where the doctors told him he had a massive brain tumor.

He spent the next 8 days in intensive care fighting for his life.

Fortunately the MRI scan showed that the tumor was operable, but the doctors told him if they didn’t operate immediately it might be fatal.

After a grueling 12 hour operation the tumor was removed, a couple of days later he left the hospital.

During the post-surgery follow up there was one question and one question only on his mind, “how did I get this thing?”

He’d never heard of getting a brain tumor from food poisoning before but he was ready to believe anything.

Anything except what he was about to be told.

The neurosurgeon turned to him and replied, “perhaps electromagnetic fields.”

He was stunned.

Why Was He So Stunned?

Because he thought he knew all about EMFs.

Our brain tumor victim isn’t just an informed person.

He’s an electrical engineer with substantial scientific training.

Immediately he started looking at the studies again

This being 1995 there were few studies on cell phone radiation. But he discovered from electrical utilities, the Electric Power Research Institute in particular, that there was a statistically significant risk for brain tumors from electric fields and for leukemia.

“Being a little naive at the time he said to himself, ‘well if this is in the science paper, why doesn’t the public know?’”

Now he knows why, “science is necessary but not sufficient. Until you can put it into the public domain it doesn’t really matter. It matters only within this small club that we call scientists, but the public has to know what the science says and that is what has been suppressed so far.”

For the last 20 years he’s been busy putting the science into the public domain, and that’s what he’s doing next Thursday as my next interview guest.

Lloyd Morgan EMF expert [1]His name is Lloyd Morgan and he’s now senior research fellow at the Environmental Health Trust [2].

He’s also a member of the Bioelectromagnetics Society, a board member of the International Electromagnetic Field Alliance, Scientific Advisor of the EM Radiation Research Trust and a columnist for Powerwatch UK.

He’s the author of two legislative Acts mandating cancer registry data collection of all brain tumors, malignant and non-malignant, one in California (passed into law in 2000), and the other in the USA Congress (passed into law in 2002).

He’s also a prolific researcher. He’s published research papers on cell phones and tumors, cell phone use in children and adolescents, occupational and residential EMFs, and dirty electricity.

Lloyd Interviews Lloyd

The interview is scheduled for Thursday July 24th at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) and its FREE.

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