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What if there was a BOOK that could help you use vibration to catapult you into your best life and best health?


Healing with Vibration: An Expert Guide to Reversing Pain, Stress, & Trauma

Chapter by chapter, it explores topics like Energy Medicine, Bioenergetics, Herbal Medicine, PEMF, Quantum Healing, Sound Therapy, and more.

Chapter 1 – Hum Your Way To Health: The Surprising Effects of Vibrational Humming
by Jonathan Goldman, MA

Chapter 2 – Cultivate Your Life Force Energy through Moving Meditation
by Master Mingtong Gu

Chapter 3 – Create Vibrant Health—Biohack Your Personal Energy Fields
by Wendy Myers, FDN-P, NC, CHHC

Chapter 4 – Energy, Frequency, and Vibration to Jumpstart Your Biofield
by Christine Schaffner, ND

Chapter 5 – The Blueprint for Better Energy
by Ari Whitten, PhD (Cand.), CES, PES

Chapter 6 – Electric Universe—Electric You
by Keith Scott-Mumby, MD, MB ChB, PhD

Chapter 7 – Invisible Electromagnetic Pollution: Protecting Yourself (and Loved Ones)
by Magda Havas, PhD

Chapter 8 – Essential Frequencies to Reclaim Peace of Mind and Body
by Michael S. Tyrrell

Chapter 9 – Rebuilding Your Microbiome: Your Gateway to Consciousness
by Tom O'Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN

Chapter 10 – Shifting Your Energy—Aligning Your Subconscious With Your Conscious
by Eva Detko, PhD, MSc

Lloyd Burrell

Bonus Chapter – Chapter 11 – Earthing 
by Lloyd Burrell, BA



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Why invest in this book?

Vibration is life itself. Energy can be used in the right way, and this book is your chance to learn from the most powerful teachers from around the world and break free from the myths, mis-information and dis-information circulating about health and life!

  • Discover how you can self-create sounds that bring proven physiological benefits, including lowered heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure in just minutes
  • Learn how exposure from man-made electromagnetic fields (5G, cell phones, Wi-Fi etc.) are a cumulative stress over time—and how to avoid overwhelm
  • Get the science-backed benefits of light therapy; including fat loss, reduced inflammation, regulation of your immune system, and anti-aging
  • Learn how to work with energy and your energy fields to improve your health and manifest a brighter future, you can, all the tools are here!
  • Your mind is ultimately what lies behind your ability to raise your vibration and achieve higher levels of consciousness—which means your brain health is key

This book goes beyond the obvious, past the visible, offering vitally important new protocols and strategies for thriving – physically, mentally and spiritually – which utilize your body’s built-in systems for health, detoxification and cellular recovery.

5G, smartphones, Wi-Fi, dirty electricity and even the energy of stress and negativity … All of those things can have a huge impact on your well-being, joy and your health. Ready to make peace with your environment? This book is your gateway and your roadmap.

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  • Extra bonus: How To Use Crystals For EMF Protection with Judy Hall (Video) + 32-page Interview Transcript (PDF)

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  • Healing With Vibration: 170 page book (digital version)
  • A Dozen Bonuses Valuing Over $1,000 (See Below)
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  • Extra bonus: How To Use Crystals For EMF Protection with Judy Hall (Video) + 32-page Interview Transcript (PDF)
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  • Healing With Vibration: 170 page book (digital version)
  • A Dozen Bonuses Valuing Over $1,000 (See Below)
  • Healing With Vibration: paperback version delivered to your door
  • Extra bonus: How To Use Crystals For EMF Protection with Judy Hall (Video) + 32-page Interview Transcript (PDF)


#1. POWER OF INTENTION eGuide – Lynne McTaggart!

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This beautiful 17 page eGuide contains cutting edge scientifically backed strategies from my personal conversation and interview with Lynne McTaggart, one of the leaders in personal and community-collective power.


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This 16 point checklist will help you understand the impact of man-made electromagnetic fields and how to identify the EMF hotspots in your home and environment. While not visible to the human eye, and while you may not be able to feel them, EMFs may be ruining your health, your immunity and your mental well being.


Are you suffering from bloating and weight gain, poor circulation, acne, itchy skin, swollen ankles, varicose veins, recurrent allergies, sinus congestion, constipation? Get this powerful 30-Minute Lymphatic Health Masterclass and 1-page PDF HEED+ Blueprint to boost your immunity and lymphatic health (created by my wonderful beautiful daughter).


This 5-page PDF tutorial walks you through (haha) the step-by-step to “earthing”, a scientifically-proven way to promote healing and health—especially good for pain relief and treating inflammation.


Lloyd Burrell shares and discusses, in great detail, his top 10 product picks designed to protect yourself from harmful EMF exposure. From EMF-protection jewelry to saunas, find out some of the simplest, yet most effective, methods for EMF protection in your daily life.

Lloyd Burrell


($150 VALUE – takes place in 2022)

Lloyd Burrell will address some of the most pressing questions and concerns in a Q&A format replay and offer a powerful walkthrough of his book, with an introduction to advanced Healing With Vibration techniques and a special offer for his Mentorship Program.


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Each month you are part of a LIVE training, answering many of the questions asked over the years taking you behind the curtain, exploring the many innovations in energy and practices to shift your health and your life. AND you get access to my EMF Solutions Club – with over 200 expert explorations to support you and your family.

#7. Free Access to Dr. Tom O’Bryan’s docu-series: Betrayal: The Autoimmune Disease Solution They’re Not Telling You.

This documentary series has changed hundreds of thousands of lives and families, and I know it will support your health journey – and those you love. And Dr. Tom has offered it to me, for my community, at no cost. (You might want to own this one though, to come back to over and over – it’s a gem.) Each day, an episode will air for 24 hours, and then that  episode will be taken down to make room for the next.

#8. Free Access to The Emotional Sovereignty Masterclass, with Dr. Eva Detko

To celebrate my book, Dr. Eva Detko has given my community access to her new Masterclass on Emotional Sovereignty, to help you discover some of her most effective techniques to access peace – and joy – no matter what circumstances are around you.

#8. Free Indispensable Essential Oils Starter Guide

To celebrate my book, my friend Dr. Z and his wife Mama Z, are offering The Indispensable Essential Oils Starter Guide that was created to give you the confidence that you need to make healing remedies for your body & non-toxic natural recipes for your home with essential oils.

#10. The 6-Day Adrenal Challenge

The symptoms of adrenal fatigue don’t just rob you of your energy and joy – sadly, they also affect those you love. Because if your adrenal system is out of whack, you’ll struggle with really difficult symptoms every single day, like fatigue, sugar and carb cravings, disrupted sleep, and possibly even depression and anxiety.

The good news is that to celebrate my new book, my colleague, Marcelle Pick, is offering her 6-Day Adrenal Challenge at no cost! It includes:

  • An adrenal health assessment
  • Best foods for adrenal health
  • Simple and delicious recipes
  • An adrenal health assessment
  • Best foods for adrenal health

#9. Healing Power Of Energy eGuide!

Dr. Christine Schaffner and Lloyd Burrell help uncover the healing powers of energy and vibration, the biofield, the living matrix, and healing the universe in this powerful 24 page eGuide.

Bonuses will be delivered by email, once your purchase is complete.

5-Star Reviews!


Genevive Sanders

Very interesting & easy to read

Reviewed in the United States on December 14, 2021

Verified Purchase

I learned so much from this book. I'm very interested in energy healing and each chapter had its own philosophy. For example, who knew that humming was so healing for the body?

I really enjoyed chapter 3 because it lists various devices that test your personal frequency as well as help to raise it. Now I have a few things to look into. 

If you're interested in healing the energetic body, this book shows you many ways to go about it. 




Reviewed in the United States on December 6, 2021

Loved this book and learned a lot from it a very in depth guide.




Reviewed in the United States on December 13, 2021

Verified Purchase

I have had so many questions about energy and EMFs, what the chatter is about and why I should be concerned about these for my family. This book is full of so much easy to read and understand information, It's a true eye-opener! A definite MUST READ!

What Experts Are Saying

“As a physician I can tell you that the body functions completely on the basis of electrical impulse and vibration. We are fully dependent on energy signaling, from the beating of our hearts, to the breath that we take, to each and every blink of our eyes. Healing modalities that modulate energy and the body's energy field get at the core root of real, sustainable healing. From sound therapy to meditation to deep restorative sleep to using the natural EMFs of the earth (the Schumann Resonance) we have the power to use vibration to effect real change and improve our health. Lloyd Burrell has written the ultimate resource for you, right here, explaining exactly why—and more importantly how—healing the body at its deepest state is entirely vibrational. I'm honored to recommend this healing resource to my own patients."
Laura Koniver, MD
Physician, and authorof The Earth Prescription
“Lloyd Burrell has put together a remarkable book, contributed to by many outstanding authors, that discusses energy healing in great detail and with deep insight. I believe the world is just getting ready to receive this message, which is of extreme importance to our civilization, if it is to heal from the pandemic of COVID and the global PTSD it has caused. I highly recommend this book to everyone, as a way to gain an excellent perspective on this emerging field (pun intended).”
Neil Nathan, MD
Author of Energetic Diagnosis and Toxic: Heal Your Body from Mold Toxicity,
Lyme Disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Chronic Environmental Illness

"Our view of how the human body works, what makes us sick, and how we heal, is changing rapidly with novel scientific discoveries converging with ancient healing modalities. We are all beings of light and each cell in our body communicates with other cells by way of frequency. Understanding the language of our cells enables us to reduce interfering frequencies and to enhance cellular communication by removing blockages. In this book, Healing with Vibration, experts from around the world share their experiences and understanding in an easy to follow conversational style. If you are exposed to excessive stress and have any of the following symptoms (fatigue, pain, insomnia, foggy thinking, anxiety or depression) you will benefit by reading this book. Learn how you can reduce cellular damage and slow-or possibly reverse-the aging process."

"I promise you that Healing With Vibration will shake you, in a very good way. There is so much exciting information in it, and mind-boggling theories and facts presented. It is a definitive 'need-to-read-now' book."

"Healing with Vibration is a gem that provides an excellent overview on various new advances that can complement western medicine. There is no one-size approach that fits all. I encourage readers, patients, and healthcare professionals to be open-minded, explore and choose the therapy that resonates with their heart the most."

"I highly recommend Lloyd Burrell's book, Healing with Vibration. Whether you are using transcranial magnetic stimulation to heal treatment-resistant depression, red light therapy to stimulate stem cells for nerve rejuvenation, or electrical vagus nerve stimulation to reverse arthritis and other inflammatory conditions, energy healing is truly at the frontier of medicine. Thousands of peer-reviewed science papers confirm what many ancient healing modalities already incorporate: We are energetic beings capable of healing ourselves with energy, both directed by our own minds and via energy devices. Read the book and explore the reality of this new paradigm. You will not be disappointed. It can change your life!"

ALREADY A BEST SELLER and #1 Best New Release!



In 2002 Lloyd Burrell answered his cell phone and soon after developed highly debilitating symptoms from all types of electromagnetic devices in his home and workplace. He spent years being impacted by vibrations in the worst way, growing sick, overwhelmed and fatigued. It took Lloyd nearly a decade to discover a way to heal himself. Since that time he has helped hundreds of thousands of people through his website, books, podcasts, online summits and education. 

Lloyd is a regular speaker at on-line events, podcasts, radio shows and hosts his own bi-monthly EMF-Health podcast. He is the author of EMF Practical Guide, creator of the EMF Health Summit and the Healing With Vibration Summit, both of which gathered dozens of the world’s most respected leaders and experts, and Founder of the website

It’s worth noting that the EMF Health Summit introduced the topic of EMFs to over half a million people, and the has had over 4 million views since its inception in 2009.

Lloyd is married with 2 grown up children and lives in sunny South West France.

The world needs this book to help us ALL shift how we approach our health, wellness and consciousness

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