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My FCC submission for dockets 13-84 & 03-137
June 10, 2013
6:57 pm
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May 24, 2013
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The FCC accepted & officially published my comment on the dockets as an official Government document. Clink the link below to view it on the FCC site. From there please browse the other comments so you can see what other people are saying. Unfortunately the media has not publicized the FCC inquiry, so that is why there are only 400 comments so far….or else there would be many thousands! Plus the FCC site is very hard to use & the dockets are difficult to find. If only more people would at the very least, make comments expressing concern over the possible hazards of constant RF exposure. Please get the word out, so more voices will be heard by the FCC in official published form!

This confirmation verifies that ECFS has received and accepted your filing. However, your filing will be rejected by ECFS if it contains macros, passwords, redlining, read-only formatting, a virus, or automated links to other documents.
Filings are generally processed and made available for online viewing within one business day of receipt. You may use the link below to check on the status of your filing:…..1369207237
For any problems please contact the Help Desk at 202-418-0193.

This is my submission:

RF exposure is extremely hazardous & the FCC must take immediate
action to roll back the onslaught of the Telecommunications industry,
before this country virtually collapses from a disabled population! I
have 9 years experience in Health Care, with 5 years of in-school (not
online) College training. I am also a 5 year Navy Vet with two tours in
the Persian Gulf. I am currently on the verge of losing my job/career
due to Electrohypersensitivity (EHS). I am 38 years old, a physically
active person, with 3 marathons & countless road races under my belt,
& now I have been virtually reduced to a disabled person being forced
to live like a prisoner because there is almost nowhere to go without
extremely high levels of RF exposure. I live in NE Ohio, & over the past
2 years it has become an electrosmog cesspool. I own two very
accurate RF detection meters to measure RF exposure, & I can
definitely confirm that it is impossible to drive down a road, go into a
store/any building, or go to work without massive continuous RF
exposure! Almost all stores, restaurants, & places of employment have
wi-fi now. The cell towers have gone up at such an alarming rate in just
this past year that they are nearly on every street corner. In some
cases there are 8 or 9 towers in a 1-3 mile radius! My RF meter has
read some towers emitting many thousands of mV/m at continuous
levels, blanketing entire local towns. In addition to the cell tower
radiation, most people are getting blasted by continuous RF radiation in
their own homes by wireless routers provided by their phone & cable
companies (AT&T, Time Warner, etc). Their DECT cordless phone
bases are also emitting constant high levels of RF. Smart phones also
emit a constant high level of RF even when not being used. I have
proven this over & over to my friends with my RF meters. Now First
Energy is currently vigorously trying to install wireless smart meters over all of NE Ohio! They are trying to get them put in before the FCC
makes a decision. The FCC needs to stop dragging their feet & take
action to establish much safer RF exposure limits now! All the
necessary scientific data showing RF to be harmful has been known for
decades! Americans are starting to become aware now as more & more
health problems undeniably & obviously related to RF exposure are
showing up. If the FCC does not take action to stop this RF poisoning of
our society now, then they will end up as complicit in a mass genocide!
They have already pulled off a miracle in deceiving Americans from
making the connection between the ever increasing autism epidemic &
RF exposure. The FCC needs to establish safety standards for RF & at
the very least acknowledge the hazards involved with exposure &
mandate the Telecom Industry to include hazard warnings on all their
products! RF is a carcinogen & the public needs to be informed. This is
why parents allow their children of all ages to use & be exposed all day
long to RF. As a result, children are becoming so addicted to RF
technology that the great majority of them are sleeping with their
constantly emitting smart phones under their pillows! Most children
keep their smart phones in their pockets directly on their bodies. Smart
phones are so powerful that using them on speaker phone is not safe
either! In fact, the high powered constantly emitting smart phones &
wi-fi technology has doomed anyone who wishes not to use RF
technology to either constant exposure or living a life of a prisoner in
their homes.
Now they want to put RF emitting smart meters for Gas, Electric, &
Water on our homes! Recently First Energy installed digital meters in
our area & is telling us that the digital meters do not emit RF. That is
a flat out lie! My RF detection meter reads constant high levels of RF emissions from the digital non-smart meters as well! Even the PUCO
stated to me that the digital meters are wireless! They do have labels
on them that state they comply with part 15 of the FCC rules, so they
definitely have wireless transmitters….but First Energy denies that they
emit anything. In fact they are saying all their meters only emit 1/10 of
a second every 15 minutes & that it is less than a baby monitor. Many
people like myself with RF detection meters have proven that a
complete lie!!! All digital meters constantly emit higher than
advertised levels of RF. IT HAS COME TO THE POINT HERE IN North East
the cell towers just driving down the street in any direction are
staggering! My parents are also having negative health problems in
their own home since they recently erected 3 towers very close to their
home. Now they have to move! And that is a complete gamble
because there is no regulation on the Telecom Industry, so they can
build a tower anywhere anytime. THIS IS TRULY RADIATION WITHOUT
REPRESENTATION! Currently Ohio does not have any opt out
legislation to even give the people a choice on smart meters. The PUCO
is currently making a law for allowing an opt-out however, they are
working in the interests of the monopoly tyrant company First Energy &
penalizing anyone who opts out with high meter reading fees! These
fees could range from $60-80 per month!
The Telecommunications Act of 1996 prohibits the removal of a cell
tower due to human health hazards. This Act MUST be amended!!!!There are currently no warnings on the packaging of RF devices.
Warnings need to be implemented so parents can make an informed
decision on how to protect their children. This technology is like an
addicting drug to any person, but for children it is like Crack!
The FCC needs to quit pretending that RF does not damage cells! The
FCC needs to start acknowledging hard proven scientific facts
concerning damage to human cells & DNA! It is because everyone
today are constantly being bathed by RF in their homes, on the road, at
work, & at the stores/restaurants that we are in a drastic Nationwide
(actually Global) health hazard epidemic NOW! Our bodies are not
able to recover at a cellular level due to the constant RF exposure. I
see it every day & it has become especially apparent in the last 2-3
years. I have seen this first hand in my health care career. I have
extensive training & experience as a licensed Radiographer, Bone
Densitometry, & Blood Lab. I have a very good understanding of both
ionizing & non ionizing radiation from my Military & Health Care
training. The problem is that the FCC & the FDA do not recognize RF
as an official hazard & they have kept the medical doctors/community
largely in the dark. Therefore, people get bounced around to doctors
& completely drugged up on serious medications like Adderall, when
the root of their problems (RF) is not even considered or diagnosed.
In fact I discovered that recently the entire city of Detroit ran out of
Adderall! Doctors are giving powerful sleeping pills & psychotropic
drugs out like candy, which is only masking the RF epidemic! Official
Gov’t data shows that the entire country is fatigued & sleep deprived!During the past 2-3 years I have personally witnessed hundreds of
patients suffering from RF exposure & both they & their doctors have
NO IDEA where the problems are coming from! I can’t even count how
many times patients have broken down in tears & actually asked me for
help! I am just a tech, & hundreds of people ask me for help because
they can’t get it from their doctors! The FCC needs to act immediately
because the lid on this healthcare catastrophe of epic proportions is
ready to blow at any minute right now!
Here is why I know this: It only takes me 60 seconds or less to get a
person who has been suffering for 2-3 years (under physician’s
guidance) to get to the “ahhh haaa” moment, & make the realization
that all of their health problems EXACTLY correlate with when they
got their smart phone, or wireless router in their home! It is the
constant RF exposure that is causing the most common symptoms that
I see on a daily basis.
Those symptoms are: Fatigue, insomnia, headaches/migraines, ADHD
symptoms, short term memory loss, weight gain/obesity, hormone
trouble, thyroid trouble, vision loss, ringing in the ears, joint pain, &
muscle pain. And if a full grown healthy adult gets ADHD symptoms
out from nowhere (after constant RF exposure from their device, cell
tower, or wi-fi)…then what do you think it’s doing to do to children
(both born & unborn) in regard to autism???? It is common sense.
Because the FCC & the FDA have failed to inform the people as to the
hazards of RF exposure, people can have joint degeneration or cysts on
their fingers where they hold their phones, waist line, or any part of
their body in direct contact with a wireless device, & they fail to make the mental connection as to the source of the problem! Everyone
believes wireless is safe because it so available & there are no hazard
warnings! The Media has also completely failed to inform the public as
to the hazards of RF. Obviously the same people that own Big
Telecom also own the Media.
The Government does not get a pass either! I made inquiries at the
local libraries here in NE Ohio & all 80 of them have constantly emitting
wi-fi & it was mandated by the Government. The libraries were
ordered to install wi-fi with Government dollars or else all future
funding would be cut off! I also confirmed that local schools are
actually targeted by officials for cell tower placement! This is easily
confirmed by driving around & seeing that the majority of schools
around here either have cell towers on school properties, or directly
adjacent, or nearby. I continually witness children playing sports out on
the school fields while being bathed in very high levels of constant RF.
And if the kids aren’t getting it outside, then they are getting it from wifi in the schools! This policy has been vigorously pushed by President
Obama himself! Last year (2012) Mr. Obama campaigned at a local
school in Mentor & as a parting gift he gave them 200 wireless
“teaching aids”. Less than a year later, the entire Mentor school
system has gone wireless & they require all their students to carry &
use wireless devices. I have personally seen the President promote
super wi-fi, wi-max, & super broadband in many televised speeches.
This lethal technology is obviously being pushed on us from the highest
levels!Even though endless mountains of decades of evidence showing RF to
be hazardous, has poured in, the FCC continues to get away with
arguing it is safe based on ridiculous assumptions about “thermal
heating”. The FCC seems to think that they can stall from taking action
indefinitely based on the argument that no one can prove RF to be
Here is what I propose the FCC should consider when deciding whether
or not to prevent the entire US population from being murdered by this
absolutely proven lethal technology:
Instead of arguing that it can’t be proven “unsafe”. Before ramming
this lethal technology down all of our throats in our homes, on the road,
at the store, & at work….why doesn’t the FCC PROVE THAT IT IS
Where is the documented absolute proof that constant long term RF
exposure is safe to humans????? Why is the FCC allowing the entire
population to be radiated at very high constant levels, by a technology
that has not been definitively proven SAFE? If the FCC is so sure that
this RF radiation exposure is safe, then will the FCC please put it in
clear writing that they guarantee this radiation exposure will not
cause us or the animals biological harm?
Is the FCC ready to put a guarantee in writing that RF is safe, & that
they assume all responsibility for any health problems incurred from
RF exposure??? The lid is ready to blow off this thing now. It won’t
take people much longer to make the mental connection as to where
their health problems are coming from. The FCC should have taken
action on this issue at least 25-30 years ago! I was a healthy productive
person who has been reduced to a disabled person. I know many others like me, & who are quickly on their way to it! There can be no
doubt as to the cause, because both myself, & people I know, clearly
react & have symptoms only during RF/EMF exposure! My reactions
have been clearly documented by MD’s that I work with! All my EHS
symptoms go away when I isolate myself in the lead
lined x-ray room! I know others that have documented proof by
co-workers that they react to RF exposure at work. More & more fullfledged MD’s are educating themselves (with no help from the FDA) on
EHS & hazards of RF. I have witnessed a number of doctors realize that
people’s sleep problems & fatigue are absolutely directly correlated to
their RF exposure! More doctors are becoming aware that RF affects
the glands, & epidemic population-wide issues are being caused by
this!!! Standard blood tests do not show it & doctors are figuring it out
on their own. Now is the time for the FCC to start looking like the good
guy in this terrible disaster before it is too late! Please help us
This is a quote from a fellow commenter & it deserves to be
posted again!
Archives of Zory Glaser documenting health effects of RF exposure seen by the Navy
available at on line.
It is even more unconscionable that the FCC is actively promoting the unhealthy
exposure of all American to RF radiation by promoting the use and expanded use of WiFi
in all settings of our life. We are literally being slowly microwaved 24 hours a day to the detriment of our health. This must stop immediately; the FCC must take corrective
action to rid all Americans of this unhealthy exposure. Just because we cannot see, feel
or taste this agent does not mean it is not harming us on a cellular level because it is.
The FCC guidelines governing RF exposure must reflect Radio Frequency radiation’s
inherently harmful nature and be lowered 1 million times to .0001uW/cm2 as
recommended and defended by the recent update of the BioInitiative Report to avoid
known harmful biological effects above this level. Please see the entire BioInitiative
Report at and enter it into the official record. FCC guidelines must
immediately acknowledge and exposure levels of RF radiation permitted be reduced to
take into account non-thermal biological effects of RF radiation. They need to be
adjusted significantly downward to account for special populations such as children,
pregnant women and the elderly. The exposure level of the guidelines must be
additionally lowered to account for long term exposures inherent to cell tower admissions
and other continuous exposures of our population to RF radiation.
The FCC needs to stop immediately facilitating, encouraging, and supporting the
reckless, aggressive and pervasive expansion of WiFi and other wireless exposures due to
the involuntary exposure of our population to RF radiation which is inherently biological
harmful to humans. By exposing us to WiFi in our homes, workplaces, retail locations
and in other forms like smart meters and whole communities with WiMax, you are
making people sick with Electrosensitivity which has been recognized as a medical
condition by other countries. You are giving people cancer; see sworn declarations
discussing the association between Leukemia and other cancers and EMF or RF radiation
levels similar to that used by WiFi.
The FCC needs to immediately inform each and every Americans of the inherently
harmful nature of RF radiation as a biotoxic agent so they can take corrective action to protect their health and the health of their families, coworkers and communities. People
are getting electrosensitive and I can bring them to the FCC to testify. People are getting
cancer due to heavy long term exposure to cell phones and other RF radiating devices. I
can bring them and/or their surviving family members to the FCC to testify. Without
adequate safety standards in place, we are the experiment-the research as you allow mass
microwaving of our population with RF radiation. The FCC is currently allowing
wireless companies and manufacturers of wireless devices to experiment with our health
and our lives. People are getting sick. You are disabling our work force; you are killing
our workforce with cancer.
The FCC needs to immediately post every scientific article ever published regarding the
biological effects of all EMF’s but especially RadioFrequency Radiation. The FCC needs to immediately
make available on their website all of the warnings from every
country in the world regarding the dangers of RF radiation to humans. Because almost
every American is effected by RF radiation exposure and relatively few visit you site,
you need to immediately warn each and every American of the science available showing
non-thermal effects from RF radiation used by WiFi and all other wireless devices.
Instead of actively expanding RF exposure, the FCC needs to actively reach out to the
medical field and inform them of the symptoms of Electrosensitivity and cancers prone to
be associated with RF radiation exposure, to aid with diagnosis and treatment of their
patients and actively collect and synthesize information regarding observed health effects
of RF radiation on our population. As it is now no one is actively communicating with
our medical professionals or collecting necessary data to track Electrosensitivity in our
population or track the increase in cancer amongst heavy wireless users (3-8 hours a day)
and/or those highly RF radiation exposed. To ignore this responsibility or place it on
others while actively promoting the spread and mass exposure of this harmful agent is
irresponsible and willfully destructive to our population. Finally, the FCC guidelines governing RF radiation emissions need to immediately be lowered 1 million times to
provide a protective exposure level that avoids known non-thermal biological effects as
articulated, supported and defended in the Bioinitiative Report. For the FCC to continue
to deny the evidence indicating the existence of non-thermal biological effects of RF is
irresponsible, malicious and criminal due to the harm and death that it can cause.

June 11, 2013
11:46 am
Lloyd Burrell
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May 19, 2010
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Thank you Sebastian for sharing this.
I encourage everyone to share their story with the FCC. To submit your filing, click on…..1369207237 and then click on “submit your filing” in the menu on the left hand side.

June 21, 2013
4:15 am
Paul Vonharnish
Grand Marais, Minnesota. United States
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May 16, 2013
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Thank you to Sebastian for your excellent and descriptive letter to the FCC. The FCC website is intentionally set up to discourage direct communications. Kind of ironic, being that Communication’s is part of the official name… I’ve written them also, but never received any acknowledgments. I am afraid the FCC and EPA will fiddle themselves into a corner, wherein the only option for the public will be direct confrontation. All such a waste.

Lloyd: Thanks for re-posting Sebastian’s full text here. It’s good to know there are others who are aware of this issue.

Paul Von

June 21, 2013
5:01 am
Paul Vonharnish
Grand Marais, Minnesota. United States
Forum Posts: 12
Member Since:
May 16, 2013
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I am not certain if it was Zory Glaser who posted in the above archive, but I feel it is important to discuss the situation from an industrial and economic perspective:
The gentleman stated: “To ignore this responsibility or place it on others while actively promoting the spread and mass exposure of this harmful agent is irresponsible and willfully destructive to our population. Finally, the FCC guidelines governing RF radiation emissions need to immediately be lowered 1 million times to provide a protective exposure level that avoids known non-thermal biological effects as articulated, supported and defended in the Bioinitiative Report.”

Please understand that I totally agree with drastically reducing exposure limits. However, the physical implementation of new limits, points to a situation that no one seems to comprehend. Nearly every man made alternating current and pulsed electronics device is a biohazard specifically due to the operating characteristics of the device. If we attempt to redesign the majority of these devices, the new EM and RF limiting parameters render the device functionally useless. As is sometimes said: Therein lies the rub.

The gentleman goes on to add: “For the FCC to continue to deny the evidence indicating the existence of non-thermal biological effects of RF is irresponsible, malicious and criminal due to the harm and death that it can cause.”

I am almost certain the FCC and Environmental Protection Agencies know all of this, and they ARE criminals. Morality has never been an operating characteristic of agency.
The human specie has erected a monument to avarice called a “lending system” and as long as we allow banking and lending to dictate our value system, we will murder one another for profit. I know that sounds harsh, but the only answer to their murder of us, is for us (the general populace) to murder our own value system. Therein lies another rub…

July 26, 2013
10:33 pm
Paul Vonharnish
Grand Marais, Minnesota. United States
Forum Posts: 12
Member Since:
May 16, 2013
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Hello Sebastian,
I found a new link included at the Cell Phone Task Force Page. Here is a quote and their link. Please send to all those you know.

Comments Due by SEPTEMBER 3, 2013

“The Federal Communications Commission is requesting comments on “whether its limits should be more restrictive, less restrictive, or remain the same.”


“If you have something you want to tell the FCC about what has happened to you, now is the time to do so. If you have been injured, tell the FCC your story. If you have doctors’ reports, send them to the FCC now. Say “I HAVE BEEN INJURED BY RF RADIATION THAT COMPLIES WITH CURRENT EXPOSURE LIMITS.” If you have been driven out of your home, or your city, say so. If you can no longer work at your job because of wireless technology, say so. If you can no longer go out in public, travel, go to City Hall, visit a hospital, say so. These comments all go onto the FCC’s website for the public, members of Congress, and everyone else to read. If we all send our stories in, they will comprise a document unlike any other in the world.”

Complete page:


July 29, 2013
7:08 pm
Forum Posts: 11
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May 24, 2013
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Thank you Paul! I read your FCC 13-84 docket posting & it was just perfect! I do agree with your point that actually there is NO SAFE LEVEL of human exposure for this pulsed microwave exposure. My EHS only gets worse & worse. I have noticed that even when my Tri-Axis meter reads “0”, I still have pain & discomfort from low levels of RF/microwave that is too low for that meter to read! I can verify this because I have another directional RF meter which is more sensitive to RF than the 3-axis meter. When the directional meter reads even the lowest blips (too low for the 3-axis) I feel it! So I now concur with Paul that this is a “TRASH TECHNOLOGY” & it must go! We really don’t need it to survive & we will find other ways. There truly is no safe level of this technology!

There is some awakening happening at my local level. Check this link:…..ter-intro/

Also, our local State Representatives Matt Lynch & Ron Young have created opt out legislation for Ohio which will allow opting out without penalty for ALL radiation emitting meters (gas, water, & electric). Whether this legislation passes is another story, but it is encouraging that these State Reps took the time to acknowledge the issues when it comes to health hazards of RF/microwaves.

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