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Wired telephone still emits EMF
September 27, 2018
8:41 pm
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July 27, 2018
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I bought this one:

However when I tried putting the UHS2 gaussmeter close to it I was registering 2 mG more or less. Since this will be closer to the head then I may not get RF, but will be affected by the magnetic field that comes from it.

Does that mean I should buy another wired telephone such as this one, which has speakerphone, and having that it will allow me to talk at some safe distance?

Edit: Thought so…

Found these links:


Since I am not in the U.S. I’ll try to find a wired phone with speakerphone… problem is I already found two that have bad reviews in terms of how loud this feature is…

Update: just bought this product:

Once it arrives I’ll do further tests to see if things will improve, since it has speakerphone.

I also measured an intercom and noticed high levels.

October 12, 2018
1:48 am
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July 27, 2018
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OK, here’s proof that we need to use speakerphone and corded phones emit a high magnetic field:

P.S. I haven’t filmed my cordless landline phone yet, with the UHS2. That won’t be necessary for the point I am trying to make. We may rid ourselves from the RF radiation, still we need to use speakerphone for the wired versions. Otherwise it’s pointless.

This is the description from the video:

Measured in this video (recorded in October 11, 2018):

– An intercom (model: TDMI 200, from Intelbras);

– Two landline corded telephones (1st model: Trimline 210M, from AT&T; 2nd model: TC 60 ID, from Intelbras)

Note: the UHS2 Gaussmeter is configured to the 1st position (3-AXIS ELF + VLF). This reads the 3-axis magnitude of the magnetic field in milliGauss.

– As you can see from the start the levels in the kitchen are low (0.17 mG), since I am not close to any appliance or hotspot. When I approach the intercom towards the meter the magnetic field increase A LOT.

– 02:40 – Now I enter a room with a 2nd refrigerator (bigger than the 1st), that can emit a higher magnetic field, which is noticeable from not so close.

At 03:00 the UHS2 meter is reading 0.14-17 mG. There’s a landline corded phone next to it – it’s the aforementioned Trimline 210M, from AT&T. It doesn’t have speakerphone (and caller ID), so we need to use it near our head.

– 04:00 – Now look what happens when I move the handset closer to the meter… again another huge increase in the magnetic field. And in this case it can’t be avoided! It’s similar to what we are getting at 05:20 when the fridge is also near.

– 05:36 – The readings from my bedroom. About 0.07 mG.

– 05:56 – This landline corded phone is another one I bought, the TC 60 ID, from Intelbras. The difference is this one has speakerphone and caller ID.

What we need to discover now is if there’s any difference in terms of radiation.

– 06:16 and 09:44 – This handset also emits a high magnetic field.

– 08:14 – What about near the base, when not in use? If I am not mistaken there’s no noticeable difference, except when I point to the receiver part of the handset. You know, the part where you put next to your ear.

– 08:36 – I start using the speakerphone feature. In the next seconds I illustrate a known fact when it comes to EMFs: as the distance from the source increases the less radiation we are receiving.

Sometimes the other person doesn’t listen to us very well. Even if I reduce my distance from the phone base I am still not gluing the handset to my ear.

– 10:30 – Again with the Trimline. Apparently the levels are only higher when it’s pointing to the handset receiver, even if not in use. At 11:04 I make a phone call and show once more how high the magnetic field can be next to your head.

Download this video here:

Manual from the Trimline 210M (AT&T):

Manual from the TC 60 ID (Intelbras) – in portuguese:

October 16, 2018
4:11 pm
Peter Williamson

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August 17, 2014
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Hi Perene,
I was intrigued by this so I did some testing with my trusty Gigahertz ME3030B.
On the table away from the phone – mag field=0!!!
With the phone next to the meter – a reading on the meter – I can’t remember exactly what it was. Not particularly high.
Next to a very powerful permanent magnet – no reading on the meter – so it is not erroneously picking up static fields.
I can only speculate – with the phone off the hook for testing there is a sound coming out of it – just a warning beep. In order for the handset to reproduce this sound there will be a time-varying current to the diaphragm, and hence a magnetic field which may register on the meter.
Another observation – when moving the handset towards the meter there is a temporary very high magnetic field – the meter will interpret this movement as a time-varying field. Once the handset was in place it took several seconds for the meter to settle down to a much lower reading. This may be a peculiarity of the Gigahertz meter.
I also noticed accidentally that there was an electric field of several hundred V/M in the vicinity of my partner’s mobile, which was on charge. Reinforces the general advice never to recharge a phone by your bedside! And never try to use a phone when it’s on charge.
I have seen comments (from Powerwatch?) that some very sensitive people can be bothered by the fields from a telephone handset, but this is normally much less of an issue than the assorted esmog coming from a mobile or cordless phone.

October 17, 2018
9:34 pm
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July 27, 2018
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One thing that puzzles me is the fact the Cornet showed very high magnetic fields from a cordless phone that doesn’t have ECO (or ECO+/zero emit) mode.

Take a look:

After 08:43 the Cornet ED88Plus register high levels of magnetic field, close to the base or the handset. But at the same time look what the UHS2 registers:

(This indicates in my opinion the Cornet is innacurate in terms of reading magnetic fields. I was told this meter was only good for RF, not much useful for magnetic/electric fields)

Apparently the fact this cordless phone has high RF radiation is enough to influence the magnetic field readings in the Cornet. But the UHS2 didn’t agree at all with this: the levels were MUCH LOWER, and none at all when close to the base.

It only registered when close to the receiver part of the handset, the part where we put the landline phone close to our ears. This area register high levels regardless of you making/receiving a phone call.

In one of the links I posted someone said the reason for this is due to:

There is no power supply in the earpiece of a phone, it’s the speaker. Speakers are a coil which moves the speaker cone physically by it’s attraction and repulsion to a magnet. So all speakers will generate an audio frequency magnetic field. People with ES have been dealing with this for over 30 years. Most use either old analog speaker phones or tape a paper or cardboard cone to the handset so that the phone will be held away from the head.

You should avoid phones with electronics in the handset, and preferably use phones of the “princess” era (earliest tone dialing) or earlier with a separate tone dialer. The newer designs can often introduce some above audio frequency emissions which can be bothersome. In modern phones, you must “cherry pick” or find one’s who’s emissions are less bothersome for you, individually. Avoid phones with any digital features such as caller id or memory if possible.

When I used the speakerphone feature from the Intelbras TC 60 ID I was able to put a good distance, and only then I didn’t receive the same ammount of radiation. It’s true the speakerphone depending on the person you are calling is really bad (sometimes low volume), however that’s a problem with the phone number (the ISP?), in my opinion, not the device.

In fact most calls I can listen from an even greater distance, it’s just the other person needs me to move closer to speak, so they can listen clearly. Even if I do that it’s still not the same as putting the handset next to my ear.

In other words the speakerphone it’s the only way of reducing this magnetic field, and that goes for ALL phones, wired or wireless. The worst thing someone can do is to glue these devices next to the head.

The electric field part is something I can’t measure since I haven’t bought a meter for that yet…

As for mobile phones I don’t have to reiterate they are truly bad in every way, you get RF radiation from the wi-fi, bluetooth and cellular data in the iPAD/iPhone, the latter is the worse of the three, the levels are extreme and you can detect a lot of radiation from great distances.

I never liked using telephones and never had one. For me a phone is only useful for urgent/important calls, not to expose me 24/7 to all this garbage.

Sadly most people with this smartphone addiction that is a problem worldwide have decided to live all their lives glued to their phones.

And while I don’t have a meter for this, I have no doubt about electric fields around these phones, after reading reports of them exploding and things like that:


Gigahertz meters are great and if I had the budget I would buy one for RF and magnetic/electric fields. I did some videos with the UHS2/Acoustimeter and Cornet and posted them in this playlist:


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