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Is it possible to use ethernet and disable wi-fi/bluetooth from current tablets?
August 1, 2018
11:02 pm
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July 27, 2018
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I know we can do this with a few adapters, for Apple products, like the iPhone or iPAD, but what about the Kindle Paperwhite, Galaxy Tab (I was thinking of buying the upcoming S4)…?

What’s the status on current tablets when it comes to:

– Use ethernet cables (meaning no wi-fi)
– Use airplane mode (offline) until the user says otherwise?

I am asking these questions because apparently it’s not possible to do this with a few or most of them. And about Airplane mode my concern is that companies start modifying these products to never go offline, even if the user wants that way.

The iPAD/iPhone work with Airplane mode, however…:

Look what they did with iOS 11:…..1818655697

And in my opinion it’s better to turn off wi-fi and/or bluetooth instead of using Airplane Mode because iOS keeps warning us Airplane mode is ON, the warnings can’t be disabled and are very annoying. Even if we are using an app that doesn’t rely on internet access for ALL its features (example: a video player with an internal browser), we get that warning.

Disabling each one or both wi-fi/bluetooth instead of using Airplane mode achieves the same effect, of course there are more things we need to disable if we don’t use Airplane mode, but you get the idea.

Also, look at this video:

August 5, 2018
4:08 pm
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July 27, 2018
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– For the iPAD and iPhone, check this thread. I was the one that updated with more info about the adapters I bought to use ethernet in my IPP 10.5:…..o.1974288/

– Samsung Galaxy TAB S3:

This link/thread suggests that we only need two adapters for the Samsung Galaxy TAB S3:…..728#M12791

It’s also said it’s very likely it will work with the upcoming S4 that is going to be released in August 2018.

The poster says:

I was able to get this working on my Samsung Tab S3 tablet.

First of all, I used a USB to Ethernet adapter based on the ASIX-AX88772B chip — the particular brand is Ableconn. This chip set was one of the few automatically supported by my previous tablet without needing to install additional drivers — which also seems to be the case with the S3.

But the adapter has a USB-A connector, so I then obtained a “USB-C male” to “USB-A female” adapter from AmazonBasics. When I plugged this all in, I immediately got a notification about configuring Ethernet, noticed that the Ethernet settings under Advanced Connections was no longer grayed out, and was able to turn off my WiFi connection. Somewhat to my surprise, the hard wired Ethernet connectivity was working — though some articles had indicated this did not work on the S3.

One limitation is that because there is only one USB port on the S3, it may not be possible to both charge the tablet and have the Ethernet adapter connected and working at the same time, even with a USB splitter.

By the way, this solution has worked for me on both Android 7.x and Android 8.0.

I bought this week these two adapters. Here’s a link to them:…..#038;psc=1


Since I plan to have the S4 this year.

For the iPAD/iPhone this is what users should buy:

Note: in order to achieve gigabit speeds we need CAT-6 ethernet cables, and a gigabit router (which is more expensive than ordinary ones, yet they are WAY, WAY BETTER). We will also need newer devices, compatible with this technology.

1) Easier to use, however no gigabit speeds (max = 12 MB/s, insufficient if using within our own network, to stream/send/receive files)…..#038;psc=1


2) This combo will require your iPAD/iPhone charger. It’s the only one that can get you gigabit speeds.…..#038;psc=1


Most of the time I only use the 1st combo.

As for the Kindle Paperwhite as far as I know the only way of using is with wi-fi. I would advise against leaving wi-fi on all the time, for this reason (mine is always in Airplane mode):


Note: there are no other adapters besides the Belkin and Anker.


– Only Belkin doesn’t need to be powered. The Apple alternative (not listed here) doesn’t work the same way.
– Apple adapter (same above, not listed) can’t achieve gigabit speeds.

Here’s a picture from the 1st combo: Enlarger

And the second: Enlarger

September 27, 2018
4:30 am
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July 27, 2018
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I received today the two adapters bought from Amazon that I was told are capable of doing the same thing for Android tablets. Here’s a picture of the combo:

AmazonBasics USB-C to USB 3.1 female adapter:…..PWy5moirku

USB-Ethernet Abbleconn adapter:…..FKpligfgca

Manual from the latter:…..e73ia5ZExr

And here’s what I discovered about iOS:

– I updated my 10.3.2 to the last version: 12, using in the iPAD Pro 10.5.

iOS 12 is considerably better, and faster. I did a clean install and after that was able to use fully (no battery problems).

My iPAD has wifi+cell, yet I wasn’t using a SIM card.

After I updated:

– I got very, very high RF readings.

They were mostly from the cellular data enabled, a green icon if I am not mistaken. This one can be disabled right away when we enter the device.

– Wi-fi and bluetooth if disabled will be reenabled later, as explained here:…..1818655697

When we disable both of these in iOS internal settings they stay disabled… for GOOD. Which I did here and it works, so my suspicions they were always enabled weren’t confirmed.

I also bought a gigabit 8-port switch… another good option to use ethernet instead of wi-fi.

And with the 2nd combo that provides me with gigabit I am getting very high upload/download speeds, from my PC to this iPAD. The max was 100-120 MB/s, using CAT-6 cable.

When I get the Galaxy Tab S4 I’ll check if these adapters will work with it.

October 31, 2018
12:01 am
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July 27, 2018
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Apple has announced today new iPADs that don’t have a headphone jack. Now if someone wants to use wired headphones it needs to buy a USB-C to 3.5 mm headphone adapter. There are a few questions unanswered, as you can see from this link:…..t-26723085

Among them:

– Can we have gigabit speeds? (probably – and I’ll assume it will not need to be powered, so it’s a good thing since the Anker + USB 3 camera adapter from Apple both generate EMF from electric field – the reason is that the iPAD is being charged at the same time we use ethernet with these adapters)

– Can we use two devices in the USB-C port at the same time? (read below: so far no one said this is possible)

– Will the current adapters work? (my guess: no, because they use “lightning” port/adapters)

I guess it’s not possible to use 2 in the same port, so that means the following:

– Even if we use ethernet cable (so no wi-fi) we will not be able any longer to use a wired headphone while browsing the internet.

And that’s a huge loss, not only for podcasts or Youtube videos (example), I also use apps like nPlayer/Infuse (video players) to stream from my Google Drive accounts (where I have in some cases HUGE files), or may use my PC (local network) for that.

What that means is this: we will need to download ALL contents we want to listen with our wired headphones. This can be done but it isn’t acceptable, since even with a fast internet it takes TOO MUCH TIME. It would be very inconvenient, and in my view cripple everything.

Or use a bluetooth one, which is known to be one of the most toxic devices in terms of EMF (especially because it’s close to the head).

I want you to take a good look into the link (it’s another thread from Macrumors) I am going to post below:…..n.2022765/

As you can see multiple users reported health issues with these headphones. A few even decided to do some research on the subject. I sold my Airpods a while ago.

I am not going to go into other details about the new iPADs such as the ridiculous prices or negligible changes (mostly cosmetic), since this is besides the point.

What has become clear to me is that Apple doesn’t care about our health and ALL THE TIME is concerned about profits, which is why they for the 1st time removed the headphone jack from the iPAD. They did this with iPhones also recently, and even decided not to include the headphone adapter in the new models sold.

This isn’t a recent link:…..e/emf.html

However it says the following:

– Apple are making it harder and harder to lower your EMF exposure by reducing the users choice to disable WiFi.

For example:

– In the latest release of iOS 11 you can no longer turn off WiFi or Bluetooth from the iPhone Control Centre.

– The new Apple Home Pod does not have an Ethernet port. It only works with wifi. (Google Home can be used with an Ethernet cable using the Chrome Ethernet adapter)

The Apple AirPods have extremely high EMF levels – see this article:…..rpods.html

Now to turn wi-fi, bluetooth and cellular data off we need to either use Airplane mode or go to iOS internal settings. Prior to iOS 10 we could disable each one of them manually from the Control Center. So they made things harder for no reason at all. Now from Control Center (since iOS 11) we only disable these things temporarily.

To sum things up Apple has took a stance against us and wants customers to receive as much EMF pollution as possible.

I’ll be waiting for that user’s input in the 1st thread, since I don’t plan to buy from this company ever again.

I suggest for anyone that is reading me to invest in Samsung or a similar product from other companies, that decided not to ditch the headphone jack or allow us to turn off the things that emit RF radiation.

Apple is so stupid that even if I turn Airplane mode ON it will keep pestering me to disable, once I open apps that might require internet access (please note these apps work in offline mode, too – the internet is just for a few features). These warnings from iOS (Apple) can’ be turned off in their devices. That’s why I suggested disabling each thing manually.

For replacing an iPAD I would take a look into the Galaxy Tab S4. I’ll investigate this one further, to see if I can use a gigabit ethernet adapter. If this is possible then I’ll check if selling my 10.5 iPAD is a good idea.

There’s also the S-Pen from this Tab S4, which doesn’t use bluetooth like the Apple Pencil. The S-Pen works with a magnetic field, since it doesn’t need to be recharged.

I measured the 1st Apple Pencil model (now they released a 2nd one, for the new iPADs) and it also generates a lot of EMF (RF radiation), as evidenced in this video:

With Apple this is the sort of thing we are exposed to. Every. Single. Day.

No more.


Update: Samsung has just confirmed a gigabit ethernet adapter would work with the Tab S4. And Anker did the same.

Here’s what Samsung said to me:

I’m Praveen from Samsung Technical Support.

This is in response to your email about the Ethernet compatibility for Tab S4.

We can use Ethernet only instead of a Wi-Fi on the Tablet for internet and it supports Gigabit speed. As there are no Ethernet adapters available from Samsung, you can use any regular Type C to Ethernet cable for the Tablet. Regarding the speeds, they always vary on you network strength and the adapter you use with the Tablet.

And Anker:

Thanks for your interest.

Please know you could use the following link to the ethernet adapter to help your Galaxy Tab S4 get access to the Internet:

Hope this helps

Let’s see if that is the case with the new iPAD Pro 11 (October 2018), and if this really works with the S4.

Update: November 5, 2018:

This review has just confirmed ethernet works with the new IPP 11 (October, 2018):

It says: “To my surprise, a third-party Anker ethernet adapter I tested out worked perfectly with the Pro, giving the tablet wired internet access“.

However it does not inform if this gigabit. Since I haven’t find any non-gigabit model this is good news…

However that doesn’t answer my question:

– Can we use this gigabit ethernet adapter AND the USB-C headphone adapter from Apple?


– Can we use this gigabit ethernet adapter AND the USB-C iPAD charger?

With some random USB-C hub? At the same time?

Also I want to check what are the gigabit speeds. The max was 100, 120 MB/s with the old gigabit adapter.

November 22, 2018
10:03 pm
Forum Posts: 26
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July 27, 2018
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I was told there is a hub that can provide both gigabit ethernet and the use of a wired headphone, for the new iPADs (released October 2018).

Here’s what the company said:

Why not get this instead and be done with all the dongles and adapters? It has gigabit ethernet, 3.5mm headphone jack, power delivery pass-through charging and 8 other ports!…..-c-devices

From the looks of it it seems cumbersome… but it would solve my complaint about wanting to use a gigabit ethernet USB-C adapter and Apple’s USB-C to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter.

However there are reports of wi-fi issues at least with Apple’s USB-C to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter, and one user said it’s draining too much battery:…..e.2155178/…..y.2156206/

Look into these threads for further info. Since this has been reported (at least the wi-fi problem) by multiple users I think it would be wise to get the headphone adapter from another brand.

I have no idea if this hub would work with the new iPADs, yet no reason why it shouldn’t.

And about the previous iPADs/iPhones not using USB-C, but lightning port instead, I discovered something interesting today:

View post on

(click to open image in another tab/window from your browser)

I left my iPAD Pro 10.5 (256 GB, wifi+cell) with the non-gigabit combo:

– The Belkin USB 2.0 Ethernet Adapter (F4U047bt). It can be seen here:…..#038;psc=1

– The Lightning to USB Camera Adapter from Apple:…..ra-adapter

They are both connected to a CAT-6 ethernet cable, and the router is also gigabit. And the iPAD doesn’t have wi-fi, bluetooth or cellular data on. Airplane mode is disabled to avoid iOS warnings.

Well, here’s the thing: I left my house at 9, 10 AM… the iPAD was fully charged or at least close to 100%. When I returned 4 or 5 PM it was down to 50%.

I also leave the iPAD with these settings:

– Auto sleep after 15 minutes
– Wake and sleep when the Smart Cover is open/closed.

I didn’t left the iPAD doing anything. So that means it will continue to drain battery if we leave ethernet plugged. It doesn’t need to be used, the mere fact it was plugged to the lightning port was enough to drain the iPAD’s battery.

Of course that is not an issue with the gigabit “combo”, since it will also charge the iPAD.

Since this is the case with these adapters I also wonder if with the new iPADs and any gigabit ethernet adapter it would behave the same. As you can see from the graph the battery was reduced to 50% without any use at all. So it was really the ethernet adapters that did this.

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