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FIGHT the 'War on Humanity' at ~ Have your voice heard & come spread the awareness - Help us bring the TRUTH out!!!
February 15, 2014
10:15 pm
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May 24, 2013
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Hello All!
First- Lloyd thank you so much for the email news bulletins making the clear point that all of these new gimmicks that supposedly “Neutralize & Harmonize” deadly microwave radiation are just that — worthless & dangerous gimmicks. Unfortunately it looks like the uninformed masses of the planet will be even more mislead & confused by all of these get-rich-quick schemes trying to capitalize on what has become a Global Catastrophe. Yes, microwaving every square inch of the entire planet with a man-made radiation for which the Human Body has no natural defense is catastrophic beyond even Orwell’s imagination!
Thank you so much for bringing this “Outernet” to our attention! This is BIG news, & it will be brought out & discussed on our new Radio Show & website…..ble-links/

I would encourage everyone with EHS to go there & post your comments & please contact us! We look forward to hearing from you, & would like to give everyone who suffers from debilitating EHS a chance to voice/share their experiences & concerns on the Radio to help bring more awareness to the public. We already did an excellent interview with Elizabeth Plourde, author of “EMF Freedom”, & we plan on interviewing more people with EHS, along with actual Doctors & Scientists involved with research. Our goal is to join the currently few Champions of Humanity like Lloyd, & help increase the numbers of aware & informed people World-Wide. I am tired of this Global Corporate-Controlled Media that we have, who won’t even talk about the most important issue facing humanity! Thanks to the Media & our Governments, most people on this planet have no idea that they & their children are now bathed in (proven) lethal microwave radiation 24/7 with no escape. We are at WAR! War has been declared on the Human Race, & most people do not even know it. In fact, the deception has been so cunning, the “enemy” has succeeded in having People both fund & demand their own poison, with no awareness that they are paying for & demanding their own demise! As revealed by the “Outernet”, they are planning on microwaving the entire planet from satellites, with an actual start date of hundreds of satellites deployed by 2015. Obviously the scope of this madness is without limits! The Internet has exploded with mountains of information & now accessible scientific research on the hazards of RF/microwave radiation. YouTube is LOADED with video interviews of scientists & researchers, who have the authoritative credentials that cannot/should not be ignored. Our corrupt Media (by design) ignores all of this irrefutable evidence & refuses to make people aware that it even exists. Their War on Humanity has been so successful, that the majority of parents do not even know what “4G” is, or that their children are now bathed in Government funded & pushed microwave/WiFi all day long at school. The Internet is bursting at the seams now with all of the information that we need, & growing exponentially daily. The effort now needs to be focused on bringing this awareness to people & guiding them to the proper sources of available information. I invite you all to join us at Boilthefrogradio & take advantage of this RARE opportunity to bring awareness & actually make YOUR VOICE HEARD!!! Bring the “crowbar” of your voice & let’s fight this War with the most powerful & effect weapons known to exist — KNOWLEDGE & AWARENESS. People cannot fight, if they don’t even know a War is on! Remember – only 15% of the Public were involved in the American Revolution. It only takes a few. We are the Few & The Proud – common EHSer’s – take some antioxidants don your shielded clothing & let’s GO!!!

February 18, 2014
10:33 am
Lloyd Burrell
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May 19, 2010
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Thanks a lot for the information about your new website Sebastian I’ve listed it on this page…..emf-issue/. You’re free to comment on Electricsense but please refrain from self promotion (including links in your messages to your website) and refrain from duplicate posting (posting the same comment in several pages).
Thanks for your understanding.

February 18, 2014
10:34 pm
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May 24, 2013
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Lloyd – thank you so much for adding our site to your list of references. Please rest assured there is absolutely ZERO motivation here for self promotion! Pat & I are devoting our own resources & time to help bring much needed awareness to this Global Health Catastrophe before it is too late. Like you, we do not make a dime from this, nor do we wish to – & all possible incurred resources would get reinfused back in to the effort anyways. You can see that there is no end in sight to the EMF/RF tidal wave crushing Humanity. It just never stops! No matter how much we try to shield or protect our selves from it, our lives just keep keep getting smaller & smaller with ever-diminishing quality and less options for staying healthy/procreating healthy offspring (that won’t go sterile from WiFi as they do in the 5th generation of mice – see Prof. Ole Johansson). This past year has been a huge turning point, with WiFi & mandatory wireless microwave radiating devices being rolled in to nearly all schools for many Nations with Government funding/recommendations, more cell towers erected in the U.S. than ever before (with endless more constantly going up), WiFi installed in all Hospitals, Libraries, & virtually every building/place of business (& homes), multiple Microwave Radiation emitting Utility meters installed an all homes (Globally), WiFi devices of every sort imaginable being sent in to homes with zero warning or awareness of the possible PROVEN & KNOWN hazardous health effects, Government issued statements that WiFi (with constant microwave transmissions) will be mandated on all future airplanes & vehicles, & to top it all off – now we have the “Outernet” with hundreds (soon to be thousands) of satellites, & google balloons which will be microwaving the Entire Planet from very high altitudes & the lower atmosphere. As Doctor Martin Blank (Columbia University, NYC) has shown us with actual Science – we Humans are the perfect walking antennas, from primarily being made of highly conductive water, to the shape/composition of our spinal cord, right down to the cellular composition of our DNA — which proven science has shown to be “Fractal Antennas”. Every electron in every cell of each approx 6 foot strand of DNA conducts electricity & studies prove that these cells are highly reactive to EMF exposure, which immediately causes a cellular “Stress Response” along with eventual DNA damage upon even low level exposures (as low as 1-2 milligauss). Dr Blank says studies show that DNA is made up of a wide variety of cell sizes, thus making DNA susceptible & highly reactive to a wide range of frequencies. This is extremely important, because this means that setting “safety standards” will be extremely complex, if not virtually impossible! Dr Blank is saying that DNA damage has been proven to occur along the entire Electro Magnetic Spectrum, even at the ELF levels.

After this past year, now the entire World is being literally bathed in Microwave/EMF radiation at millions of billions of times greater than ever before. Our human bodies have never before been exposed to these massive levels of harmful man-made radiation, & all it does is tear down the body & it’s immuno-resistance systems. After carefully observing this new “microwaved” society around me during this past year or so – it has been clearly obvious that the prior stated “new” environmental conditions are most definitely NOT helping people to be more healthy — in fact, I have clearly observed the exact opposite! Everyone exhibits the same symptoms & I have personally witnessed many becoming consciously Electrohypersensitive (EHS). My personal experience in Health Care has shown me that our standard medical system is completely ignorant & unprepared to handle & deal with all the endless health problems caused by this massive never-ending proliferation of EMF exposure. The first two doctors I consulted with in regard to my EHS symptoms said, & I quote: “I’m afraid”. I then consulted with a Neurologist & presented to her a pile of research on the hazards of EMF’s/MicrowaveRF. The Neurologist tried to blame all my issues on everything but EMF’s, & even attacked me calling me”delusional” for believing that any such research exists! My choices for conventional treatment by our current Medical System for my debilitating EHS symptoms were: psychotropic drugs, sleeping pills, & pain killers….along with psychological evaluation. They also wanted to treat me for allergies & sinuses because obviously they must be the source of my problems. They did not want to hear my evidence that I was able to isolate myself in a lead-lined x-ray room (since I was a Rad Tech) & all my symptoms (including fatigue & scrambled brain/memory loss) disappeared. They did not want to hear that I had immediate finger joint/hand pain & facial/head/neck pain every time I used my new 3G Motorolla Android Smart Phone. They did not want to hear that I had pain when the phone was on – No pain when the phone was off, or that I had pain when I was anywhere near other newer more powerful smart phones. Lloyd I know you said that your first EHS symptoms happened the same way with your phone – like it was “drilling through your head”. You knew you had pain when the phone was on & no pain when it was off.

Obviously, we have a big problem in our current Medical System if today’s conventional Doctors are not trained to handle these issues, which after this past year’s massive RF proliferation, will definitely be a coming force to be reckoned with! People will literally be dropping, & It will be a rarity to find a “normal” child. Just try finding one now that doesn’t require powerful ADHD drugs to function in school! Two Truths that cannot be ignored by Governments & garbage Industry-funded “studies”: 1) Brain tumors surpassed leukemia as Number One killer for children under age 20. 2) Massive amounts of ever-increasing epidemic levels of tumors are occurring on the same side of the body or near where the wireless device was held (head/neck, breasts, waist/torso, you name it). The FDA/FCC, MTHR & the British Government (along with the entire corrupt Global Media) can say wireless radiation does not cause any adverse health effects — but how do they explain that???

Lloyd you have been the “Godfather” in this effort to bring awareness & I would especially like to applaud you in your effort to bring attention to the Legislative issues happening in San Francisco. You wrote an excellent article bringing light to the fact that the City of San Francisco was prevented from passing legal Constitutional laws to protect the safety of their citizens by the Telecommunications Industry. Then after their laws were blocked, they were attacked & sued by Big Telecom! According to former White House & Congressional adviser, Devra Davis: “20 other cities also wanted to pass similar protective legislation, but they were also blocked with threat of being sued by Big Telecom”. This is THE issue & the root of the problem stems from Government Laws put in place by sinister design, well in advance, to protect the Corporations & the technology — NOT the people. Laws such as the Telecommunications Act of 1996 Section 704, which states cell towers cannot be prevented or removed based on health hazard concerns. Corrupt FDA & FCC laws which say wireless/EMF radiation is “safe” as long as it does not thermally heat you.

This past year has shown us that we better step it up & do everything we can do to bring Global awareness to the People – because our Governments & Media sure won’t do it!!!
So thank you again Lloyd for your help & understanding – & I look forward to working with you — Hopefully we will soon be adding your wonderful voice & priceless experiences/knowledge – if you are open to it??? Hope so!

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