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EMFs And Your Metal Fillings – What You Need To Know

After about 10 years of practicing dentistry Dr. Carey began developing food sensitivities.

Despite being a medical professional, eating all the right food, exercising and even running marathons, he wasn’t in good shape.

His energy was waning, and at the ripe age of 35 he was experiencing chest pains and heart palpitations.

It really knocked me back as I went into the hospital two times with chest pains.

When he arrived at hospital each time they said, “your heart’s doing fine.

But obviously, he wasn’t healthy.

He was losing weight and he eventually discovered that the environment of his dental office was toxic.

There’s chemicals in the offices through the sterilization processes, the autoclave, which can release a lot of chemicals and toxic elements into the space, as well as the dental materials themselves.

The metal fillings that are in many people’s teeth contain up to 50% mercury [1].

During the course of the day, through removing or placing metal fillings, small amounts get into air.

So much so that after about five years time, most dental offices are probably toxic [2] in terms of mercury alone -which can be tested.

Between the chemicals, the heavy metals that are used in dentistry and the stress – all those things add up.

Dentistry as a profession is hard on the body…

Dr Carey took off about four months from practicing to figure all this out for himself.

When he returned to practicing after those four months, he experienced some peculiar reactions.

During the removal process itself, when he drilled old metal fillings out, he became light-headed and his fingertips would tingle and go numb.

I had to drink a ton of water, like a liter of water after that.

This made him realize even more the degree to which he was exposed during the dental work.

He started eliminating things.

He stopped placing amalgam fillings.

He went through a number of detox protocols for metal.

He also had the good fortune of attending a meeting of integrative physicians, the yearly convention, on the effects of dentistry on overall health.

Many of these subjects being discussed, the effects of metals issues, root canal issues, environment of the dental office itself, were right up his street.

From that point forward it changed his whole approach and the way he practiced.

He developed a new protocol around how he removed metal fillings, the amalgams, a means of protecting the patient and himself and the other staff, from that point on.

20 years down the line he’s fully recovered largely through fasting and diet.


Thursday, 11th April at 12 midday EST (9 AM PST or 5 PM GMT) I’m interviewing Dr. Carey O’Rielly [3].

EMFs metal fillings

Dr. Carey O’Rielly is a graduate of Duke University and USC Dental School, Dr. Carey has been a practicing dentist for 34 years.

Dr. Carey was running a network of dental practices, when he started to experience weight loss, extreme food sensitivities and heart palpitations, despite having a good diet and being a marathon runner.  When he discovered what he needed to heal from these health challenges, it changed his life and his approach to dentistry forever.

Dr Carey has applied what he’s learned over the last twenty years to develop protocols that ensure he, his staff and his patients are protected from the chemicals and toxic materials, found in most dental offices.

The theme of this interview is: EMFs and metal fillings.

Listen to my interview with Dr. Carey O’Rielly and discover:

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