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EMFs and Health Interviews With Experts – Special Guest Olle Johansson

For my next guest in my ‘Interviews with EMF experts’ series I’m delighted to welcome Olle Johansson, associate professor and head of the Experimental Dermatology Unit in the Department of Neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute [1] in Sweden.

Its no over statement to say that he is widely considered to be a world-leading authority in the field of EMFs and health.

Olle JohanssonProf. Johansson first came onto my ‘radar’ when I saw his name on the 2007 BioInitiative Report.

He’s come in for a lot of criticism for his views over the years. Notably when he suggested that lung cancer is not caused by smoking alone, a comment based on his observation that lung cancer cases only started to increase after the introduction of FM radio broadcasting in the 1950’s.

Here is someone who has had to fight tooth and nail to receive funding for his studies, to get his studies published and to make his voice heard. To get the truth out about EMFs and health and electrosensitivity in particular.

I’m a big (huge) admirer of his work.

He’s published well over 500 original articles, reviews, book chapters and conference reports within the field of  neuroscience and participated in more than 300 congresses and symposia as an invited speaker, and with free contributions and as an invited ‘observer’ at many more.

I’ve chosen the teleseminar format so that you can follow via your computer or using your telephone.

The idea is that you get to ask your questions. You can do this in 2 ways:

– before the day, clicking on this link [2] and sending me your question

– on the day, by putting your question directly to my guest

This is a FREE event but places are limited so it’ll be first come first served.


This interview has now been broadcast. You can access the MP3 download and transcript of this interview here http://www.electricsense.com/interviews-emf-experts-offer/ [3]