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EMFs and Health Interviews With Experts – Special Guest Dr. Martin Blank

I’m delighted to welcome world-leading authority in the field of EMFs and health Dr. Martin Blank as my next guest in the ‘Interviews with EMF experts’ series.

Dr. Blank holds a PhD from Columbia University in physical chemistry and a PhD from Cambridge University in colloid science. He’s currently a Special Lecturer in the department of physiology and cellular biophysics at Columbia University. [1]

He’s edited twelve books, published over two hundred papers on the bio effects of EMFs and is regularly asked to be an expert witness on cases involving the effects of EMFs.

Martin Blank EMF expert [2]He’s a former President of the Bioelectromagnetics Society and was one of the authors of the BioInitiative Report.

He’s also the author of a new book on EMFs entitled “Overpowered: The Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) and What You Can Do about It” which is now on sale on Amazon [3].

The interview will take place on Thursday, April 3rd at 1:00 p.m. EST (10 AM PST or 5 PM GMT).

If you’re not sure of the time zone where you live you can check it here [4] or here [5].

I’ve chosen the teleseminar format so that you can follow via your computer or using your telephone.

The idea is that you get to ask your questions. You can do this in 2 ways:

– before the day, clicking on this link [6] and sending me your question

– on the day, by putting your question directly to my guest

This is a FREE event but places are limited so it’ll be first come first served.


This interview has now been broadcast. You can access the MP3 download and transcript of this interview here https://www.electricsense.com/interviews-emf-experts-offer/ [7]