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EMF Stories – Driven Out Of My Own Home By WiFi Radiation

Most people don’t give a second thought about WiFi radiation.

WiFi is seen as something that makes life easier.

You can use your computer without having to bother plugging in a cable.

At home, at work, in shops, cafes, airports….

It means freedom.

But WiFi radiation?

How many people equate WiFi with WiFi radiation?

Not many, I know.

Well I do. But I learned the hard way.

And so does GT, one of my readers.

Here’s what GT sent me yesterday.

I’m an engineer and I used to have wi-fi pretty much from the start, a DLink ‘G’ router. Then my neighbour got one.

I would often be at the doctors with strange deep bone aches and heavy depression. I had the strange skin effect and thought I had scabies which after three treatments I knew it not to be the case. My mood was often very low and life became a real drag.

I moved from my sea-side home to a city flat (big mistake), where I had two dect phones, two and sometimes three wifi routers and the neighbours devices all coming up through me through the floors and walls. Needless to say I was quite sick but never even considered the radiation as a cause.

It was during 2011 that I got much worse and the ‘virgin superhubs’ and the sky ‘n’ routers became common-place that I would become nauseous and sick after about 20 mins near a ‘virgin superhub’ at a friends home. It was by chance I realised all this when the time I visited this friend and for once never got sick as it their hub was unplugged. I wanted to use the internet there and after switching on, all the sickness and skin burning between the skull sensation, dizziness and the whole nine yards. So it was then I finally got it! Microwaves!! duh? Anyway, no joke to be fair.

I arrived home and immediately disconnected every wifi piece of JUNK I had and rewired all my needs and the bliss was just incomprehensible. Slept great and started feeling inspired again. Worked on my car, started another job but not so long after, a new neighbour with a sky n type router moved in next door and my ground floor neighbour decided to go the same way but he had a superhub from virgin and the sky hub running along side each other. My life became hell 🙁 Sleep ruined again plus mega irritability, I lost my job, the doctor could find nothing wrong, some days hard to even walk for joint pain! My neighbours were not interested in helping at all, not even would they switch off when not in use and at night times. I suffered rages and destroyed about two and a half thousand pounds worth of my own property in anger and desperation, I even found myself crying at their door in pain. This was seriously bad for me and the indignity of it all on top! I felt suicidal more than I felt sad, never mind happy. Seemed like nothing I could do. Housing office nor environmental health or the council would have anything useful to say, do or offer. Even a letter from my doctor (the only one that would even listen) had no effect. Why would I want to live?

A friend bought a Cornet EDX-85, although it had no sound and the standard Ariel isn’t really good enough but it helped identify some of what was in my environment, then some time after I managed to buy an ‘Acoustimeter AM10′ from a gentleman also suffering but didn’t need any more. I was so grateful but quickly realised that my second floor flat was very toxic and was in line of new masts that have put up in recent months.

Now I’m at my wits end 🙁 I have constant high pitch pressure in my ears and head that goes when I’m away! I can now hear wifi beats in my ears when laid on a pillow, my nerves vibrate also and match the sound through my meter! Can’t take any more! A saving grace for the moment is, two neighbours have moved out but I know it’s just a matter of time before new people wifi’d up to the eyeballs no doubt, move in again. Well? I am moving but to where I don’t really know right now but I do know it’s not fair. The Cat and I being ASSAULTED and GRIEVOUSLY BODILY HARMED! If you catch my legal drift?

I may end up in a camper-van and effectively suffer being ‘intimidated’ out of my secure tenancy in order to survive? Many questions. How is that justified? I would like us all to join forces now and get our voices heard because unfortunately, I too can find no opposing evidence to this being Completely Intentional and is just the next step towards something totally diabolical! It’s our planet too and even tho we are mere guests, they are too and we either co-exist peacefully or we have to think what to do. The legal aspect of an attack upon ‘Your’ Estate, meaning ‘Your’ body. What about ‘Tort’ law?

I’m still trying to make sense of all of this whilst suffering in this hazy wreck until the funds and the place I can escape to materialise. I go away as often as I can but there are only a couple of places I can go right now but it’s far from ideal. I’ve slept in my car and I even was forced to pick up what i could and flee to a friends in Cornwall with no tax on the vehicle as that was needed for the fuel, it was all I had and it was the least of my worries being so desperate, I just had to get out!

This occurred after I stupidly placed aluminium foil under the mattress that of course had springs in, I didn’t earth it properly either as it was not easy to do but being so tired and ill, I just fell asleep through exhaustion on it. When I woke, I had the most horrific pain in my organs on the side I was laid. I remember getting up then collapsing in the hall and I knew it was life and death, just leave. I arrived at my friend quaint little sea-side appartment to find a much worse problem and nearly all the residents there nearly all having BT Hubs in tiny flats And nearly all with ailments and symptoms, my friend was on amyltriptaline amoungst other pain killers. It was surreal! By sheer luck the small flat on the ground level was empty and had a concrete floor low down where I managed to recover for a few days. This was a very uncomfortable experience and a sad realization for me.

This is a very big problem! We need help! Our bodies are electric, the cells get stressed, it ages you inside out and it kills. It is a frequency band Not licenced as far as I’m aware and the effect is deadly. What adds insult to injury is that there has been a patent out as long as these devices that would make the emissions far less disruptive BUT, it was chosen not to use it! Grrrrr!!! more info as required. I’m just dumfounded at the selfish ignorance and stupidity. I’ve asked God many times but I think he’s waiting to see what we do about it? (Yvonne, not sure what part of the country you are, I’m in the south but I can sort your computer problems and ‘semi-pro’ measure levels if it’s not too far)?

Best regards to you all and thank you so much Lloyd for your site. Hope I didn’t sound too crazy, I’m really quite a rational, honest and empathetic soul. Wishing You and Us all the very best.


Many thanks to GT for sharing this. If you’ve got an EMF or electrical sensitivity story you’d like to share, please send it through to me.