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Electromagnetic Protection And Cell Phones

You probably remember those doom and gloom end of the world nuclear holocaust stories when you were a kid. The bomb has dropped, its decimated pretty much everything and what its not decimated has been killed off by the nuclear fall out, the radiation.

Electromagnetic waves or electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from many everyday household appliances also give off radiation. Just like the nuclear fall out, they are totally invisible and yet they permeate virtually everything.

You really have to go to great lengths to receiveĀ  any protection from them.

How To Protect Yourself From EMFs

The best form of protection is really avoidance. That is to say on a day-to-day basis the less you expose yourself to electromagnetic devices such as cellphones, cell phone towers, WiFi, cordless phones, GPS, computer monitors, TV screens, the better. Of course I’m talking about long-term health, ten years or more, because in your daily life it might seem that these devices do not bother you in any way.

Electromagnetic radiation is not just caused by cell phones, but in my personal experience, this is where you most expose yourself to significant long term health issues. Click here for my cell phone radiation protection tips. [1]