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Electromagnetic Pollution – Could Detox Really Be The Answer?

There is a silver lining to every cloud. And the silver lining for me becoming electrosensitive was the discovery that there was another way to treat dis-ease, other than going to my doctor and swallowing pills.emfs and detox [1]

How is it I didn’t realize this before? (Stupid or what?) Until you get confronted with something that there is no pill for, no doctor knows about and some doctors even laugh at when you explain your symptoms you are not really motivated to seek alternatives.

Becoming electrosensitive enabled me to comprehend the value of alternative medicine and the holistic approach to healing.

As part of my journey away from popping pills and towards alternative healthcare I learnt through reading books, visiting practitioners and trial and error the importance of detox.

Detox and Electromagnetic Pollution

What I discovered, what I now firmly, believe is that most if not all (genetics plays a part too) illness is caused by toxin overload. Electromagnetic pollution is a massive environmental toxin. But it is just one of these toxins.

I became so electrosensitive I certainly couldn’t use a cell phone (EMF reduced or not). I couldn’t even use a regular corded phone.

This carried on for years and then one day the whole toxin thing dawned on me. Once I’d understood this fact and started to find and apply solutions, that’s when I really started to get better.

So how do I detox? Firstly and most importantly I live and work in an environment where I have applied the principles of EMF avoidance and protection [2] to the nth degree. There are virtually no EMFs in my daily environment (and certainly not nightly). I drink the right water [3] , never out of a plastic bottle, never tap water but preferably filtered water. I eat organic food [4], as much as possible. I’m careful as to what I put on my body. I try and apply the rule “don’t put on your skin that which you wouldn’t put in your mouth” so chemical perfumes, deodorants and chemical soaps and shampoos are out of the question. I apply the “caveman test” I say to myself would a caveman have eaten this, drank this, done this etc. If not, chances are it’s no good for me.

icyou.com made a great video about detox, I have summarized the contents below.

Detox: Why are we so Toxic?

The reason we are so toxic has a lot to do with our environment. They say that the average American is exposed to over 100 toxins per day. Our environment accumulates 80,000 chemicals and a majority of them are actually in our food. There are 3,000 chemicals that are added to your standard American diet and 10,000 are used in food processing, packaging and storage. So lots of toxins just comes from what we are doing to our bodies.

Toxins in your Home

Some of the top toxic things that are in your home include things such as your household cleaners. From your oven cleaners to your carpet and flooring that you use as well as your laundry detergent, these all play a major factor because anything with fragrances and dyes in it can actually cause toxicity in the body. When we look at things such as personal care products these also play a major factor, for women it is usually their makeup, hair dye, their shampoos and conditioners and even such things as deodorant and lotions that they apply on their skin. The reason is because your skin is the most permeable organ that you have and so when you are using these personal care products they are absorbed into your body through the porous skin.

Detox To Eliminate Toxicity?

Some of the things that you can do to eliminate some of the toxicity that you are getting on a daily basis include such things as your water supply. Get your water tested and only drink purified water and not water out of the tap because that contains a lot of fluoride, chlorine and other toxic chemicals. Another thing is plastics. A lot of us use plastics that we drink out of. You want to make sure that you are drinking out of a well known plastic such as a Nalgene bottle instead of the constant water bottles that we are using, because studies have shown once those warm up the chemical in them called BPA leaches off the plastic and goes into your water. So you end up ingesting a carcinogenic compound when you are drinking your relatively good water supply. Another good thing is looking at your microwaves. A lot of us use microwaves on a daily basis. Russians have done a study that led to a literal ban on microwaves in the entire nation. The reason is because so many chemicals are leached off of your food. A lot of us cook in our plastics when we use microwaves, the combination of the heat and the plastic actually leaches off toxins into you food and whenever you use a microwave it’s radiation on your good food for it literally denaturalizes some of your good fruits and vegetables that you are putting in your microwave.

The best ways to detox are really just to eliminate as many toxins as you can. So we look into our household environment and move to using more natural clearing products. Use air purifiers whenever possible and eliminating things like common commercial air fresheners and laundry detergents that we are using; going more natural in that sense. When we look at other ways to detox, we have to look at what we are putting in our bodies. We need to pay attention to food that has additives, preservatives, food colorings or meats such as chicken and beef that are raised with antibiotics and hormones and we want to go as natural and free range as possible. So look into organic products; this is a very good way to detoxify your body.

How Not To Use Detox

Harmful ways of detoxifying usually involve people taking out a barrage of their symptoms. So when they look at detox, the majority of people don’t know the right way to do it. The right way to do it is just by adding natural things into your body and not necessarily flushing everything out. A lot of times people use laxatives to get the weight loss that they want instead of really looking at why their bodies are filled with toxins and why they need to detox properly. Another harmful effect is when we detox children, you really have to look at doing colon cleanses, liver cleanses and things like that on kids, especially in their sense you want to do the more natural approach; adding more good things in and removing harmful toxins.

By taking a natural approach to detox you can help your body to more effectively combat the effects of electromagnetic pollution and improve your general level of health and well being considerably.