Electrical Sensitivity – This Clinic Is Leading The Way

Most doctors are on a sticky wicket when it comes to recognizing electrosensitivity, let alone treating it.

There are those who refuse to acknowledge its existence, thats the majority.

There are those that are sympathetic and want to help, but just don't know how.

And then there are those that lead the way. To my knowledge (and I hope I am mistaken) there are only really a handful of doctors who tackle the issue of electrosensitivity with any degree of competence and expertise. Dr William Rea is one of these people.

Here is an ABC news report on Dr Rea. Frankly I do find it very biased against him, but if you put this aside I think it gives a useful insight into the work he does.

I find it scandalous that his peers should seek to chastise him for using unorthodox techniques, especially when these techniques work and they are helping people. Are they jealous of his success?

Anyway here is the video:

Environmental Medicine

“We all know people who suffer from allergies, get headaches, and have a lot of bad days. But what about people who think the world around them, everything, from car exhaust to upholstery is making them sick. Many of them are turning to a new and controversial field of medicine not recognized by the mainstream medical community. It's called environmental medicine, and thousands are flocking to a pioneer doctor in Dallas who they believe is a true healer. But the Texas Board of Medicine says what he is doing is dangerous, and they want him out of this business.

Dr. William Rea's Environmental Health Center

What if you thought the world around you is making you sick; the house that you live in, the car that you drive, the television that you watch or that cell phone that you spend hours on. Dr William Rea says he's treated over 30,000 patients from all over the world, who believe the world around them has made them sick, very sick. A board certified surgeon, Dr. Rea has become one of the foremost practitioners of environmental medicine, but the Texas Board of Medicine wants to shut him down.

They believe he is posing a threat to the public health of the citizens of Texas. We went to Dr. Rea’s clinic in Dallas to find out. No cell phones are allowed and the air is constantly filtered. The walls and floors are made of porcelain and other non reactive surfaces.

Allergy Testing and Detox

Lisa Nagy is a patient of Dr Rea, and a medical doctor with a degree from Cornel University. She says, “I knew I was sick. I thought I was depressed. I went to the psychiatrist everyday for a year. I went to an acupuncturist every day.” Nothing worked. Lisa became convinced that she was suffering from environmental illness; that chemicals and electromagnetic energy in world around her were making her ill. So Lisa turned to Dr Rea for treatment.

The first thing that Dr. Rea did was test her for environmental allergies. He injected a small amount of antigen, which was a diluted amount of the very thing Lisa thought she was allergic to, and that triggered an immune system response. Dr. Rea tested for a whole stack of allergens like perfume, fabric softener, diesel fuel, woods like oak, and many others. Then Lisa, like most of Dr. Rea's patients, began what he calls the detoxification program. He claims it cleanses her body of all pollutants and gives her sauna, purified oxygen, and certain kinds of foods in a controlled environment. If it all sounds a little out there to you, you're not alone.

Marie Robison is an attorney with the Texas Board of Medicine, which is trying to stop Dr. Rea from practising his brand of medicine, and may even strip him off his licence. She says, “the treatment that he is giving, we believe, can be dangerous to the public health such as injecting jet fuel or natural gas.” But Dr. Rea denies this, but none of it matters to Lisa Nagy. “I want to show you that I've got a headset on every phone in the house because I can’t really use this kind of a telephone. If I hold it up, the piece here it's got a magnet and it gives me a headache.” Following Dr. Rea’s program she injects herself daily with all sorts of allergy shots.

It’s all In the Mind?

To trained immunologists like Dr. Kahn, there is a possible explanation for Dr. Rea success. His patients are ill, but from stress and other psychological facts. “You can have people stressed out and they can break out in a rash or hives or all sorts of things, just from the nervous excitement. These things are real events, but it's not because of the substance they injected, it's because of their conditioned response. So when they smell whatever the deodorant is, they have this conditioned response. They feel ill and their pulse rate goes up and they have a headache and a variety of symptoms.

To explain Dr. Rea’s success, Dr. Kahn further suggests, “most of these patients who have these illness actually have an underlying psychiatric problems, and one of the problems in this country is the under diagnosis and the under treatment of psychiatric diseases. I think we're all guilty of that.” To Lisa that’s just plain backward. She says, “that’s very interesting, I tried to communicate with a psychiatrist who took care of me to invite him over to Rea’s clinic. To educate him about how many of the patients appear to be mentally deranged or have mental issues, and how in fact when you treat their chemical sensitivity their mental saturation gets much better, and he's refused to obviously contact me.

Oasis of Health

Getting away from it all was a matter of survival for Lisa. She moved to an island, Martha's Vineyard, and created a special pollutant free home Dr. Rea style. “This, technically, was supposed to be an oasis bedroom. You're supposed to have only cotton and you can see that this is the oxygen concentrator and this is how I got well. You wear this like this, breathe in and out and the oxygen is for 2 hours a day.”

It’s a fact that Dr. Rea and his methods are controversial, scorned as quackery by many main stream medical researchers and institutions. But all that simply makes no sense to Lisa Nagy and many others. They say the world has made them sick, and Dr. William Rea made them better.”

If you know of any other doctors or clinics which offer treatment for electrosenstives then feel free to share.



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