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Could Cell Tower Radiation Cause Cataracts?

I just received a message from Jon Draw, one of my readers, about cell tower radiation and his health concerns.  Here is his message:

Hello again Lloyd,

Here are a few more of my thoughts regarding cell tower radiation and related:

1. This radiation, as ubiquitous as it is, could not be lessening global warming if it can heat us up at a distance with much less radiation impinging upon us than all of our surrounding air and environment. See what the politicians and vested interests have to say about that!

2. This heating effect would be considered a “macro” effect, but what is not considered by the FCC apparently, and the vested interests who claim that there are no problems, are the “micro” effects within the cells, the chromosomes, and the genes only to mention a few. I recently went for an eye exam for new prescription for glasses and the examiner said that it looked as though that some cataracts were starting; could this be radiation caused? Seems very reasonable to me since I live a healthy lifestyle, not doing dumb things, but being bombarded by some “dumb” source(s) of radiation!

3. Cell phone tower radiation from my on-going experience of such radiation impingement, aggravation, and research, indicates that there are varying intensities used and not just to compensate for mobile “searching” and changing humidity content of the air to offset the attenuation. I have noticed that around 3 AM, here, I may get awakened by a stronger high frequency tone and sensation. And I ask myself, “Why then?”; I think that it might be that since there is less cell phone traffic at that time, they then transmit data to the home offices that have accumulated for that purpose and such transmission must go farther and at perhaps higher frequencies. But whatever the full picture is on this radiation impingement, we the people, need to come together and focus on this serious problem before we become no more than a statistic to be analyzed 20 years after the fact, and after the damage has been done to us, our progeny, our pets, our food sources, and for the benefit of whom; a few well-heeled Corporations only concerned about their bottom lines.

4. A fairly recent call of complaint to the Corporation, via the phone number at the cell tower, for those with concerns, was answered by a male in Atlanta, Georgia USA, probably six thousand miles from my location. He informed me that they remotely control the cell towers from his location. I could hardly believe him, but he insisted that is the case. He had little concern that there was any validity to what I was saying, and when I tried to dig for more information as to how the problem might be solved, he decided to close out the conversation. BUT, before he did, he suggested, seemingly in an arrogant manner, that if it so concerns me, that I could try calling a certain number, which he gave me, after which I asked whom would I be calling. He rather abruptly answered, before hanging up, Network Real Estate. I did not call them, but I did search the name on the net and it appears that they do have many branches in different locations. But what really came to my mind is the possibility that there might be collusion between “interested parties” the 1st of which creates the problems, and then the 2nd party comes in to solve the problems… i.e. helping people solve the problems by moving to a new location. I have wondered if it possible to trace what corporation owns what other corporations or the controlling interest in them. Perhaps telecommunications corporations have sub-corporations dealing in real estate; create the problem for “certain” property owners, such as I and others with perhaps “directed” radiation until it seems unlivable, then offer to buy them out via the other corporate interest, while most people might never realize that these seemingly different corporate interests, are really playing hand-in-glove. Just a theory on my part but one which may be interesting to investigate by those in a better position to do so.

Keep up the good work Lloyd. Jon Draw

Thank you for sharing your concerns Jon. Clearly cell towers and similar RF radiation exposures impact our lives and our health a lot more than the vested interests are willing to admit.