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Cordless Phones And WIFI Dangers Pinpointed In A New Study

I have spoke about cordless phones before. Like cell phones, I have to admit, they are a marvellous invention. Anyone who used a cordless phone in the early days was certainly aware of the often poor quality of the sound. With the advent of Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology (DECT), the sound is now excellent.  As you know, while boosting the quality of the reception and transmission, the output of electromagnetic radiation was also boosted, posing a health risk to users of these phones and those near them. A recent study has uncovered another development.

This study, which looked at data from 9 european countries, has found that your very eye color may determine how severely you are affected by electromagnetic radiation from a DECT phone [1].  It was discovered that a variety of eye cancer known as uveal melanoma has proven itself to be much more prevalent in people who have a darker eye color, and this particularly applies to women.  The risk was shown to be a more than five-fold increase in the development of this kind of cancer.  This is a significant number and shows that both DECT radiation and WIFI radiation can definitely cause a serious threat to health and well-being.

The powerful electronic radiation from a DECT phone extends nearly 1,000 feet from the base, ensuring that everyone in the family will be bathed in radiation.  This can be especially dangerous as regards children.

In addition to emitting more radiation while being used, DECT phones emit radiation while just resting in their bases.  These phones are never ‘turned off’, as even a cell phone can be.  You and your whole family will be constantly exposed to microwave radiation even while sleeping.  And, the insidious thing is, even if you do not have a DECT phone, if your neighbors do, and they live within 1,000 feet of you, their electromagnetic radiation will affect you as well.

Studies have shown that using a cell phone  for 10 years will double your chances of developing a brain tumor. Given that mobile phones and DECT phones use the same pulsed technology its not too big a stretch of the imagination to see that using a DECT phone will also very possibly significantly increase your chances of developing a brain tumor.  This is frightening enough as regards adults, but when applied to children, the prospects are potentially horrifying.

Protecting yourself and your family from DECT, cell phone, and WIFI radiation [2]can be difficult, but believe me it’s worth it.